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AlphaMale… Made for a man, but…..

May 30, 2008


Being in love is one thing, but to be comfortable enough to slip on a pair of boxer shorts tends to reach a new level in a relationship.  When it comes to the story behind this image I really don’t want to provide the whole story as it is between me and my lover,  but would rather have you be the one that interprets it.   What do you think is happening in the shot above?  I like to set it up to have others finish the story that I start.  

Wearing boxers from AlphaMale, opens up a whole new world of romantic possibilities. The boxers come in many different styles and colors, all manly enough for any SL man to wear, but sexy enough for his lover/partner to wear as well.

Of course I know what has happened in the shot above, but I love letting the picture tell the story for everyone else.  To me, that’s more important than the story that I try to tell.  The biggest question might be…are they my boxers?  Or someone elses?  I will leave that for you to decide.


Jeans for him & her

May 30, 2008


Ok – So my businesspartner over at Blacklace – Mariska Simons – just released a new hot set  of leather lingerie. So!! While obviously trying to make us over here at the Alphamale side look like lazy bastards – we decided we can not be any worse! So ladies and gentlemen – I present you with a pair of new jeans for both him and her. Coming in 5 colour variations – check them out over at the stance in the mens section!

Also remember that we still got our 50% OFF sale running until tomorrow! So now is your last chanse to clean out our store at half price!! Yes – we should be institutionalized! Stop by Alphamale & Blacklace tonight to check out the merchandize!


New From Alphamale and Blacklace

May 29, 2008

Ok ladies and gentlemen… we have a special treat for you from Blacklace Lingerie. I have just released my lastest line, Dark Lusts. This sexy leather studded bra comes with matching panties and garter belt. Well as fish net stockings to complete the look. You also get your choice of black, red or blue and comes in different layers.. making it very tattoo friendly.

This set will be included in the Alphamale and Blacklace 50% off sale.. but hurry,the sale ends tomorrow!!


Quiet Weekend Alone…..

May 28, 2008



When I think of Alphamale and Blacklace, the image of seduction and masculinity come to mind. With a wide range of colors, cuts and styles, it was difficult to pick an attire for the picture I had in mind.

For my picture “Escape” I seeked to capture a couple escaping for a romantic get away weekend. 

The lingerie shown is from Blacklace’s Temptress series. An alluring pastel purple bra with a matching garter belt, sheer panties and stockings. This set also comes in blush pink, metallic blue, deep copper, light green, shinny silver and pearl white.

The gentleman in this picture is wearing deep green stripped boxer shorts from Alphamale. These boxer shorts also come in your choice of apple red, glossy black, navy blue and electric blue. Or you can grab the alpha pack for 198L$

 Picture taken by Laced Avro


Models :Blacklace Model – Saoriese Jameson and Miind Alter.



Friendly reminder – Alphamale & Blacklace 50% OFF sale!!

May 28, 2008

SALE!!! – Yes – you heard right. All your favourite Alphamale & Blacklace items are now on sale for HALF PRICE! Go complete that collection of colors for your favourite corset, or buy your boyfriend a couple of extra boxers!! right here at alphamale & Blacklace mall! To find us – simply search “Alphamale” or “Blacklace” in search, or follow this link . It wont last forever so hurry up and grab your favourite items at half price while you still can!!


Semi-Annual Sale going on at Alphamale & Blacklace!

May 27, 2008

SALE!!! – Yes – you heard right. All your favourite Alphamale & Blacklace items are now on sale for HALF PRICE! Go complete that collection of colors for your favourite corset, or buy your boyfriend a couple of extra boxers!! right here at alphamale & Blacklace mall! (to find us – simply search for “Alphamale” or “Blacklace” in search )


Thalia Jie continued…..

May 21, 2008


The prize winning photograph, “The Not So Innocent Bride” has a simple story. Shown in the picture is Black Lace Passions Call – the Bridal Set. The pearl white corset is designed in a smooth, form hugging white satin with pretty lace inserts.  The corset has the traditional romantic white ribbon lace up back. The Bridal Set comes with matching panties and garter belt in the same pearl white satin and lace inserts and white silk stockings. 

And the simple story behind the “The Not So Innocent Bride”? Well, the innocent bride went to Black Lace to buy a trousseau for her wedding night, and found a treasure trove of lace and silk lingerie with names like “Tangible Dreams”, “Touch of Caress”, “Black Vixen Corset Set” and left Black Lace with boxes of lingerie wrapped in tissue paper and some not so innocent thoughts. Little did I know the power that was contained in these boxes, but I soon found out when my new husband walked in on me and…hmmm…I don’t even know his name. So, all I can say is that everything that happened on that wedding night you have to blame it all on Black Lace lingerie!



More accessories at Alphamale

May 20, 2008

The rockers wanted more spikes! The badboys wanted more straps! We have tried to please both lairs, and released 2 new sets in 3 color variations! Curious? Stop by the Alphamale & Blacklace mall, and head on over to the accessories section in the mens department to check them out! or follow this link to go there directly.


And the Winner is……..

May 20, 2008


Thalia Jie was named the winner of the Alphamale & Blacklace contest on Saturday May 10th in front of close to 80 attendees at the announcement party. Thalia’s entries were smart and innovative as well as sexy and intelligent-exactly what a Blacklace/Alphamale customer is all about. 

We have asked Thalia to blog over the next few days about her winning photos and what they are all about. Enjoy!!

Black Lace lingerie. Even the name conjures up something mysterious and full of promises of sensual delight.  Mariska Simons, the talented designer behind the Black Lace label, described her creations as being about “femininity and the art of seduction”.  


“The right type of intimate apparel can act as a potent aphrodisiac for your partner, and I have kept that in mind while designing  each series.” explained Mariska. 


That comment from Mariska made creating the prize winning photograph so much easier for us-us being the talented team of kristianne Matfield and Benderoverand Hammerer  who together are Duality Photography.

Black Lace lingerie is seductive, sensual and provocative. So for our picture “Fantasy Teacher” we conjured up the fantasy that every man must have. What does that wonderful woman look like in her lingerie? We choose a teacher, and I’ll leave the interpretation of that glossy red apple to your imaginations.


The lingerie shown in the picture is from the Black Lace Fantasies set. An elegant black and grey floral lace pattered bra and panties set. This set is simple but alluring and the cut promises to enhance any woman’s curves. The set also comes in a pearl white, deep teal, ocean blue or lipstick red colors. 

It’s elegant and alluring and exactly what any respectable school teacher would wear, or judging by the smile in the photograph and that shiny red apple, maybe respectability isn’t exactly what she has in mind!



New at Blacklace Lingerie

May 14, 2008

Blacklace Lingerie introduces my latest line, Passionate Embrace. This corset is designed with a smooth, form hugging satin and a lace overlay. And the back has the traditional laced up style and a lace overlay was placed to give the back a unique and very romantic look. Lastly, a small black prim bow to complete the corset look and style. The panties and stockings were fashioned from the same fabric and lace as the corset.

This series comes in a ray of colors… very suitable for your spring and summer appearl.