AlphaMale… Made for a man, but…..

May 30, 2008


Being in love is one thing, but to be comfortable enough to slip on a pair of boxer shorts tends to reach a new level in a relationship.  When it comes to the story behind this image I really don’t want to provide the whole story as it is between me and my lover,  but would rather have you be the one that interprets it.   What do you think is happening in the shot above?  I like to set it up to have others finish the story that I start.  

Wearing boxers from AlphaMale, opens up a whole new world of romantic possibilities. The boxers come in many different styles and colors, all manly enough for any SL man to wear, but sexy enough for his lover/partner to wear as well.

Of course I know what has happened in the shot above, but I love letting the picture tell the story for everyone else.  To me, that’s more important than the story that I try to tell.  The biggest question might be…are they my boxers?  Or someone elses?  I will leave that for you to decide.


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