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Alphamale and Blacklace Sponsor ZZ Top Concert!

July 27, 2008

ZZ Top Concert

Join us just outside Quarters Nightclub for an exciting performance by ZZ Top! They will be be playing all of your favorite tunes and we have a contest board of $5,000L sponsored by Alphamale and Blacklace. Blacklace Models will also be in attendance passing out random gifts to guests! This is an event not to be missed!!!! Can’t wait to see you all there.

…Quarters, let your naughty out…


Alphamale and Blacklace open new store on Lemon Island

July 26, 2008

Lemon Island, home to such notable stores at Bewitched Hair’s Headquarters, Zaara, SYD, and others – has welcomed Alphamale and Blacklace to their wonderful shopping area!

To celebrate the new store Blacklace has placed two “lemon” or yellow corsets sets in this store only for the special price of $99L ( Regular prices is $298 ) through this weekend. Remember – all Blacklace Lingerie is transferable so get one for yourself and one for a friend!

Lemon Island Special Lemon Island Special 2

Of course, Yelmer couldn’t be left out so he created a special T-Shirt just for this location and available only for a limited time. This fun lemon tee is available with Yelmer’s great jeans for only $99L this weekend as well. (Jeans alone are normally $175L). If your guy isn’t around this weekend be sure you head over and pick up this great deal for him!

Lemon Tee and Jeans

This offer is only available through this weekend so hurry over now to pick up these special deals!
Click here to teleport directly there!


Get yourself the entire Alpamale Store!

July 25, 2008

If us women paid them as much attention as the guys do then maybe breast cancer would be a thing of the past!

Some major designers donated quality products for a silent Auction that commenced yesterday at Danielle Harrop and Bee Mizser’s Wedding Anniversary Gala.

Bee recently lost a friend DeeDee Fadoodle to Breast Cancer, and the Gala was dedicated to helping the fight!

The Auction is running until 10am SLT today and all proceeds will be going to Pink Ribbon to help the fight against Breast Cancer.

Some of the items include:-

The complete collection from Alphamale (yes every outfit we sell!)

Dani’s Lyria Pink Gown, described by Ashia Tomson as “gorgeous”

Dani’s Tuxedo with Tails

5 different outfits from Sascha’s Designs (recently featured in Second Style)

Knotted Elegance from Earthstones

Lady T Jewellery

Shoes (yes SHOES) from Sebi’s

A Profile Pic from Glamography

2 complete Nurserys (great if you want prim babies!)

And much much more!

Check it out at Alive and Kicking Club . Auctions run till 10 am so hurry!


Alphamale and Blacklace in NexCore Show – TODAY!

July 24, 2008


The big NEX CORE Lingerie Show on Vanity Universe featuring your favorite designers- Alphamale and Blacklace! I hope i see you there!

Today, 1:30 PM SLT at Vanity Universe!


Would you like a side of erotica with your lingerie?

July 24, 2008

Mariska in the Library
The lovely mind behind Blacklace Lingerie, Mariska Simons, has busy in her little library corner, writing some erotic novels to go with each piece of lingerie. It is worth buying the lingerie just for a glimpse into her fantasies and her erotic mind. These little delights will be available in our new build opening on August 1st. In the meantime, we’ve created a special edition of Mariska’s Passionate Touch that includes one of these amazing and sexy short stories. You can find it at any of our satellite stores for a special price but only until August 1st!
Passionate Embrace - Limited Edition

The Shopping Quarter
Lemon Island (Bewitched Hair)
Aspire Isle

Extacy island
Death row
Ambrosia Dance Club
Glam World


The Accident

July 23, 2008

While Mariska is busy in her library writing sensational stories for you all, the resident Alphamale is busy doing all the heavy lifting – of course in SL we all know that just means all the heavy clicking. And you know men.. they never get it quite right… “up…. left….. your other left…. to the side a bit…. a bit more” and you just cringe and want to shout “Just let me do it already!” while he wants to shout “Just shut up already!”

While Mariska is lurking around thinking up new wonderful romantic and sexy corsets and lingerie, the Blacklace models are all around preparing for photoshoots. With all those people around things are bound to get moved. Well, someone left a hammer at the top of the stairs.. and.. well.. the picture below shows the rest.
Yelmer's Accident

We are happy to report that Yelmer survived and will still be designing some new pieces for the opening of the new SIM! However, I have to wonder if the accident actually had more to do with Yelmer being distracted than with the actual placement of the hammer.


Where in the world are Yelmer and Mariska?

July 22, 2008

Hello all Alphamale & Blacklace fans!

I know that you are all wondering what in the world is going on. Why aren’t there any fabulous and yummy new items from Alphamale and Blacklace? Why aren’t Yelmer and Mariska hanging around the store any more?

Well, it’s a big secret so please don’t tell anyone but – Alphamale and Blacklace are moving to their own SIM! We want all of our customers to experience a bigger and better shopping experience in a brand new build! The build is currently being constructed and as we all know – things always take longer than planned. (Of course, it doesn’t help that Yelmer is a perfectionist and creating all these amazing custom textures.) In the end we believe it will be a very beautiful place that you can all truly enjoy!
A & B Estates
Stay tuned for more updates on the process!