The Accident

July 23, 2008

While Mariska is busy in her library writing sensational stories for you all, the resident Alphamale is busy doing all the heavy lifting – of course in SL we all know that just means all the heavy clicking. And you know men.. they never get it quite right… “up…. left….. your other left…. to the side a bit…. a bit more” and you just cringe and want to shout “Just let me do it already!” while he wants to shout “Just shut up already!”

While Mariska is lurking around thinking up new wonderful romantic and sexy corsets and lingerie, the Blacklace models are all around preparing for photoshoots. With all those people around things are bound to get moved. Well, someone left a hammer at the top of the stairs.. and.. well.. the picture below shows the rest.
Yelmer's Accident

We are happy to report that Yelmer survived and will still be designing some new pieces for the opening of the new SIM! However, I have to wonder if the accident actually had more to do with Yelmer being distracted than with the actual placement of the hammer.


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