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Alphamale VS Blacklace “dress buildoff contest”

August 31, 2008

Evning everyone! As some of you already know, the resident Alphamale aka Yelmer Pfeffer was a bit arrogant and said “Hey making a dress dosent look that hard!”… Where upon he challenged the Blacklace designer Mariska Simons, across the hall, to a “dress-buildoff”. One week. One dress each. One winner! And just to make it intresting a wager was made – Whoever sold the least of their dress would have to face public humility.

If Yelmer looses – He has to wear a dress for a whole week…. If Mariska and her aid (Belle LeFavre) looses, both the girls got to forgo their precious hair and go bald for a week. OOooooo it just got intresting didnt it?

So – a bit late due to RL issues – both the designers have now toiled in their little studios and come up with a design each. We can not tell you who made each dress…. And sneaky tactics like looking at the boards creator and such wont help either.. We most probably changed it around… Or thought you would think we would change it around and changed it back… or. something like that.

Nevertheless: Proudly (well sorta) presenting the first ever Alphamale & Blacklace dresses:


The winner is determined simply – Whoever sells the most dresses before tuesday 2. wins! So if you fancy a dress, or want to show your support and think you know who made which one… Simply follow the SLURL to the Alphamale & Blacklace mall and pick one up!


Battle of the Sexes Update – Comments from the Alphamale

August 27, 2008

I visited Alphamale designer Yelmer Pfeffer in his workshop again last night to see how things were going on his first attempt at a dress. I think he had been drinking which worries me a bit. Sewing maching and alcohol are often a bad combination but I digress, here’s how the conversation went:

Yelmer working

Belle: So, how are things going Yelm?

Yelmer: Its going  great on this side… um..  Say, do you know how to work this machine here? <he points to sewing machine>

Belle: No, didn’t it come with instructions?

Yelmer: Alphamales don’t read manuals, and this thing is so old it would probably be written in Latin anyways…Maybe if you pedal while i hold it like this?

Belle: eww.. No! It’s dusty!

Yelmer: What do you mean “no”? Well never mind. I’ll make it work…um.. somehow…

Belle: So have you chosen a color yet? I see lots of fabrics around here.

Yelmer: That’s probably one of my most important decisions. Do I try something new and “not often seen” or go with tested and tried classics? What would sell the most? Mariska knows a lot about seasonal trends and such… The question is – Does the general audience really care about trends? Or do they buy the color they like regardless?

Belle: You didn’t really answer my question – Have you chosen a color?

Yelmer: I think I have decided what to go for but im not going to tell of course. She reads this post too I’m sure, trying to snoop some information about what im doing and stealing all my brilliant ideas.

Belle: You are paranoid!

Then my phone rang and I had to run…. End of the month deadlines and all. Stay tuned for more updates on this ongoing battle that will finally end this Friday, August 29th when the final creations will be revealed and available for sale.


Blacklace Designer Mariska Simons talks about the upcoming Battle

August 26, 2008

The lovely designer behind the Blacklace Lingerie brand invited me over to her darling skybox where she does her design work earlier today for a cup of tea and a sneak preview of her design for the Battle of the Sexes Contest. I asked Mariska for her thoughts on the competition and specifically regarding her relatively short experience in design.

“I might not have the years experience that Yelmer has but I am, after all, his protegee and who better to make a gown for the ladies then a lady? However, this should be a interesting competition and I am anxious to see what we both come up with. I will give you this, Yelmer does have divine taste, for a man – but I still DO NOT plan to go bald for a week!”

Mariska's Workshop

Both designers seem to be spending every free minute in their workshops. I can’t even get them out to attend the best fashion events. This is serious business folks. I, for one, can’t wait to see what these two come up with!


Alphamale Designer Yelmer Pfeffer on The Battle of the Sexes

August 25, 2008

I visited the designer behind the Alphamale brand in his evil laboratory… I mean workshop….. today to spy.. I mean see… how his design was coming for the Battle of the Sexes competition between he and Blacklace designer Mariska Simons. Yelmer had fabric everywhere and seemed to be tangled it in a bit. It definitely made me wonder about him. I asked him for his thoughts on the contest and he responded “It’s certainly an interesting competition! I guess I was boasting a bit to much when I threw down the challenge. What do I know about dresses? It will be fun to see what we both come up with.”

Yelmer is the more experienced contestant with over 10 years of experience with Photoshop, while Mariska just started this winter. Does experience necessarily mean good design? I asked Yelmer his thoughts.

Yelmer in his Workshop

“I certainly don’t have an interest for dresses or know what women think when they buy them… although I may learn a lot more if I loose and I have to wear one for an entire WEEK! Suffice to say that i am going to work my ass off. I am not about to loose to my protegee, and you guys certainly do not want to see me strut around in a little sexy red thing all over town.”

We have about a week to go before these two designers reveal their latest creations and the battle begins. Stay tuned for the next installment of this ongoing saga…………


Who doesn’t love FREE Linergie?

August 22, 2008

Blacklace has a Very Sexy Thank You for all of you who have Blacklace/Alphamale in your picks this week. Guys, this sexy little number is transferable so go ahead and pick one up for your favorite girl and earn some brownie points this weekend!

A Very Sexy Thank You



Midnight Affair with Jonas Lunasea (and a SALE!)

August 22, 2008

There’s a special LIMITED EDITION of the ~Midnight Affair~ Corset set that was recently released at Blacklace. From Midnight SLT on Thursday through Midnight SLT on Saturday, August 23rd you get TWO limited edition corsets for only $198! HURRY!

Midnight Affair - Limited Edition
OK you babes of jazz, let’s pick up the pace, let’s shake the blues away, let’s make the parties longer, let’s make the music hotter…lets all go to hell in a fast car and keep it hot!!

Don’t miss Jonas Lunasea bringing his Cabaret act LIVE to Midnight Jazz TONIGHT at 6 pm SLT!!

Jonas Lunasea
Spend an hour with this classy, sassy musical celebration of the 20’s, thru today. An evening with Jonas Lunasea is an evening filled with jazz, blues, bebop, swing, rockabilly, big band and classic standards that is sure to thrill the heart, tickle the funny bone and raise the rafters! Jonas Lunasea is a slick slice of yester-year, and a hot dash of today, shaken and stired with sublime music and unbeatable energy that’s perfect for old and young alike.


In RL Jonas Lunasea is the front man for Cabaret De Boheme and an award winning performer in the New England jazz scene. Don’t miss the act that has created so much buzz in RL as it’s brought here into SL!Jonas Lunasea


Congratulations to Robin Lobo!

August 21, 2008

On Tuesday evening I sent out a notice to the Fashion Consolidate group about our newest releases and we ran a secret promotion that anyone who purchased anything from the Blacklace store between the time of the release and Midnight would receive all three new release corsets – the lucky winner is Robin Lobo!

Robin won all colors of the latest release ~Midnight Affair~ pictured below.Midnight Affair - all colors


Alphamale & Blacklace – Battle of the Sexes

August 21, 2008

Battle of the Sexes

We know Mariska makes absolutely stunning lingerie and Yelmer makes fantastic menswear but can either of the designers create a dress? It’s a Designer’s Battle of the Sexes!

On Friday, August 29th Mariska and Yelmer will each release their first dress for public sale. We will not reveal the creator of each dress and the winner will be determined by the total number of dresses sold between 6 pm SLT on Friday, August 29th and 6 pm SLT on Sunday, August 31st.

Each designer has agreed to a certain wager – If Mariska’s dress sells more copies then Yelmer has agreed to wear a dress or skirt for 1 week. If Yelmer’s dress sells more copies then Mariska and Belle will go bald for 1 week.

Who will win? The girls for knowing what women want? Or the Alphamale for knowing what men want to see their women in? The choice is yours!

Join us on Friday, August 29th for live music at the Midnight Jazz club and also the unveiling of the first two dresses from the Alphamale and Blacklace Designers and mark you calendars to join us again on Sunday, August 31st to find out who really is the better dress designer. One lucky member of the Alphamale and Blacklace update group with Alphamale and Blacklace in their pics will win BOTH dresses!


Alphamale and Blacklace Welcome aluinn

August 21, 2008

Next time you TP over to the Alphamale and Blacklace SIM to pick up some goodies be sure to visit aluinn Jewelry. aluinn is created by Bratty Slade – the genious behind Brat Designs. aluinn is more focused on fine jewelry and contains some absolutely AMAZING pieces.aluinn


A Midnight Affair with Blacklace

August 20, 2008

They say a picture is worth a thousand words……………………
Midnight Affair 8.2008 - Group

Midnight Affair - Green Midnight Affair - CopperMidnight Affair - Purple

Do I get credit for a 4,000 word post?

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