Midnight Affair with Jonas Lunasea (and a SALE!)

August 22, 2008

There’s a special LIMITED EDITION of the ~Midnight Affair~ Corset set that was recently released at Blacklace. From Midnight SLT on Thursday through Midnight SLT on Saturday, August 23rd you get TWO limited edition corsets for only $198! HURRY!

Midnight Affair - Limited Edition
OK you babes of jazz, let’s pick up the pace, let’s shake the blues away, let’s make the parties longer, let’s make the music hotter…lets all go to hell in a fast car and keep it hot!!

Don’t miss Jonas Lunasea bringing his Cabaret act LIVE to Midnight Jazz TONIGHT at 6 pm SLT!!

Jonas Lunasea
Spend an hour with this classy, sassy musical celebration of the 20’s, thru today. An evening with Jonas Lunasea is an evening filled with jazz, blues, bebop, swing, rockabilly, big band and classic standards that is sure to thrill the heart, tickle the funny bone and raise the rafters! Jonas Lunasea is a slick slice of yester-year, and a hot dash of today, shaken and stired with sublime music and unbeatable energy that’s perfect for old and young alike.


In RL Jonas Lunasea is the front man for Cabaret De Boheme and an award winning performer in the New England jazz scene. Don’t miss the act that has created so much buzz in RL as it’s brought here into SL!Jonas Lunasea


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