Alphamale VS Blacklace “dress buildoff contest”

August 31, 2008

Evning everyone! As some of you already know, the resident Alphamale aka Yelmer Pfeffer was a bit arrogant and said “Hey making a dress dosent look that hard!”… Where upon he challenged the Blacklace designer Mariska Simons, across the hall, to a “dress-buildoff”. One week. One dress each. One winner! And just to make it intresting a wager was made – Whoever sold the least of their dress would have to face public humility.

If Yelmer looses – He has to wear a dress for a whole week…. If Mariska and her aid (Belle LeFavre) looses, both the girls got to forgo their precious hair and go bald for a week. OOooooo it just got intresting didnt it?

So – a bit late due to RL issues – both the designers have now toiled in their little studios and come up with a design each. We can not tell you who made each dress…. And sneaky tactics like looking at the boards creator and such wont help either.. We most probably changed it around… Or thought you would think we would change it around and changed it back… or. something like that.

Nevertheless: Proudly (well sorta) presenting the first ever Alphamale & Blacklace dresses:


The winner is determined simply – Whoever sells the most dresses before tuesday 2. wins! So if you fancy a dress, or want to show your support and think you know who made which one… Simply follow the SLURL to the Alphamale & Blacklace mall and pick one up!



One comment

  1. or is you think that black dress is hot hot hot. : )

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