Alphamale @ KMADD City!

September 10, 2008

KMADD City Designers

This is the first photo in series of KMADD City Ad Campaigns featuring some of the designers from KMADD city. Alphamale is honored to be included in this amazing group of designers.

Photography by wonderfully talented Turlututu Chaffe

Top Row (L-R): Wavie Heller (Valiant), Raven Pennyfeather (RFYRE), Maddox Dupont (MAdesigns/KMADD), Kirk Claymore (MADesigns/KMADD), Shai Delacroix (Casa Del Shai), Chloris Hathor (Indigo/Viva La Glam), Serjordan Bonetto (Emery), Yelmer Pfeffer (Alphamale)

Bottom Row (L-R) Antonia Marat (Artilleri), Starley Thereian (Moderno), Cheerno Destiny (a.C. Store), Akemi Yoshikawa (Akeyo)

Teleport to KMADD City and check it out!


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