Is Blacklace Designer Mariska Simons ok?

October 3, 2008

Mariska's Accident

It seems our amazing lingerie designer Mariska Simons has taken a fall and Dr. Pfeffer has ordered her to strict bed rest until Sunday so all of you lingerie lovers will just have to wait one more day for the 10 YES 10 – new releases from Blacklace!

Ok, so I lied .. but the story sounded good. Mariska is just fine but due to circumstances beyond our control the show has been moved to Sunday, October 5th at the same time (2 pm SLT) and the same place (Alphamale and Blacklace Estates). Yes, Mariska really does have 10 new releases from Blacklace and Alphamale and aluinn will also be showing never before seen Fall Releases. We also have remodeled the SIM a bit and we hope you will find it easier to navigate.

Produced by the MAD agency, this is a show you don’t want to miss! The SIM will open to the public at 12 pm SLT and the show begins promptly at 2 pm SLT. The sexy voice of Kromus Korobase will be the Master of Ceremonies for the show and will also be our amazing DJ for the party following the show.

See ya there!


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