It’s time for a Ball!

October 22, 2008

I love my lingerie but there is something equally sexy and mysterious about dressing up for a masquerade ball… lovely silks and satins on the dresses… the mystery of not knowing who you are talking to or dancing with…. sigh… sometimes I wish I was in a movie but that’s the beauty of Second Life!

It’s time for a Masquerade Ball at the beautiful Midnight Jazz club! It will be a night filled with fantasy and decadence!

Start shopping now, because you know you’ll want the perfect dress to go with the perfect mask and don’t forget to shop for your date (Alphamale’s new casual tux may be just the perfect thing!)

We’ll all use this fantastic event to announce the winners of the Blacklace Lingerie Fall Photo Contest!

Masquerade Ball

The event happens Sunday, November 2nd from 12-4 SLT in the Midnight Jazz club – an amazingly beautiful club that is open every night by the way. Studio Red is managing the event and there will be two live performers to entertain you with some romance and jazz music and then two hours with the hottest DJ with the sexiest voice in Second Life – that’s right – Kromus Korobase or KK will be playing your favorite tunes so you can rip off that mask and really get down and party!


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