Another Cover Model wear Blacklace!

November 21, 2008

Blacklace Lingerie can be seen all over the grid these days it seems! Earlier this week, the new Playful Innocence set was featured on the cover of Essence of Style and now the covergirl on the latest issue of Eye Candy can be seen wearing Passionate Embrace in pink!

Another Cover Model Wears Blacklace

If you didn’t pick up the Playful Innocence set in White Satin yet, there’s still a chance! Look closely at the vendor board ~ I think Mariska forgot to re-set the price. Hurry though! I am sure she’ll remember soon!

The Passionate Embrace set that was on the cover of Eye Candy has also been set out for *~*half price!*~* Pick up your copy of the magazine and the outfit at the Alphamale & Blacklace SIM.

Direct Teleport

The resident Alphamale, Yelmer Pfeffer is still working long hours on some secret project that he won’t let anyone see. Personally, I think he’s just playing Guitar Hero. It seems that Yelmer was so distracted by his new game that he left the 4 off of the price of one of his winter coat sets! That’s right – one of the winter coat sets which includes coat, sweater, and pants is only *~*98L!*~* You better hurry before he figures out what he did!

Direct Teleport


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