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Alphamale search – week 3

December 26, 2008


Just a friendly reminder that the Alphamale search – week 3 – is well underway and all entries have to be in by sunday at midnight as usual. Dont pass up this great chanse to win a 5k giftcard + 2500 linden in prizes for best model and best photographer. But also getting a chanse as a finalist. remember this is a contest for both MODELS and PHOTOGRAPHERS. The final winners will each collect 20.000 linden + some amazing additional prizes. For details – Stop by Alphamale & Blacklace  and click one of the signs (shown over) for a notecard with all the details!


Alphamale femme collection

December 22, 2008

Introducing “Alphamale femme collection” – After months of questions when Yelmer would finally try to make a few ladies variants of his most popular items, the prayers have now been heard. These new clothes will be branded under “Alphamale femme” name. In the back of Alphamale, you can now go and pick up one of more than 15 color shirts – All carefully cut and adjusted for the female population. These come in single pack, 3 packs and a nicely discounted “buy all at once” option. But pictures says more than words – So to show you just 4 samples – Look no further! If you want to try one out. come on down to Alphamale and Blacklace!




December 18, 2008

The Alpha-Female? Nah – we didn’t like the sound of that but there are female clothes coming from Alphamale designer Yelmer Pfeffer. Here’s a sneak peak at The Femme Collection.
I’m sure you ladies will love these!


It’s Alphamale’s turn to be in the news!

December 17, 2008

I was thrilled to open up the December issue of SLexy Magazine and see the sexy editor Wil Dreadlow wearing the Alphamale winter coat outfit!

Alphamale in the news!

To celebrate the winter coat outfit in the news – we have placed it on sale for only L$285 in the main store! Hurry down now! I don’t know how long this sale will last!

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Alphamale Search 2009 – Winners Week 1

December 17, 2008

The Search for the perfect Alpha Male for 2009 has begun!

Please read all the way to the bottom for some very important updates!

Here are Week 1’s Winners


Winning Photographer: Jasmine Night

Alphamale Search 2009 - Week  1 Winners

The jury found this picture interesting and it suggests a true alphamale getting ready for a night at town – Keeping his lady waiting.. not the other way around. A true Alphamale trait.

Winning Model: Wesley Witrial

Alphamale Search 2009 - Winners Week 1

The jury said this one was pure style and attitude. Exactly what an Alphamale should exude!


Important Updates!

Alphamale Search 2009

We have added to the prize package for the final Alphamale 2009 thats to generous donations from Runway Productions and photoLife!

For the Model: Runway Productions will also offer private runway training to the winning model and the model will represent Alpahamale in the Runway Productions show on January 31st!

For the Photographer: photoLIFE will also be presenting the winning photographer with a photoLife studio!

Another important change in the rules to note: We have decided that models may wear any skin of their choice in the photos but clothing must still be Alphamale. If you have already entered week 2 you can replace your photo if you choose. If you have any questions please contact Belle Lefavre.


More Holiday Yummies from Blacklace

December 15, 2008

Mariska must have some sexy elves hidden in her workshop somewhere. Her releases this month just keep coming!

The latest yummy goodness from Mariska and her elves is the Candy Cane and Mistletoe Bra and Panty Sets!

Holiday Yummies from Blacklace!

Mistletoe from Blacklace!

Hurry down to Blacklace now and grab them while they are still warm!

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Gift Cards now available at Alphamale!

December 9, 2008

Alphamale Giftcard

Just in time for the holidays – Giftcards from Alpahamale!

This great and simple to use system will allow anyone to purchase a giftcard for the man or men in their lives. Tired of looking at those old rags, and can never drag the boy off to the store? Give him a card and let him pick out something he wants himself! The card comes in L$500, L$1,000, L$1500 (cost is only L$1,250), L$2,000 (cost: L$1,750) and a big one for L$5,000 (cost: L$3,800). As you can see the top 3 have a nice discount so you can actually save a bit of cash by buying in bulk!  

Gift cards are currently only available in the Alphamale main store!

*Please note: Blacklace also has gift cards available however at the time of posting these are still manual gift cards and we have not gotten the automated system up and running. We hope to ha ve it up by the end of day on Tuesday.