Alphamale releases skins!

December 2, 2008

Hello all Alphamale fans!

So while Mariska Simons over at Blacklace have been releasing new items on a weekly basis, the question has been made more and more often: “Yelmer… when is Alphamale going to release something new?”. Well today is the day! And – once again – we have listened to your request and wishes, and put time into the absolute nr 1 request. “Yelmer – you got to make some male skins to!”. Well – your wish is my command, and i present you with two male skins. And if anyone wonder – The names are taken from the ancient Greek and Roman gods.


First off we got “Janus” – A mean tough Alphamale that eats all those “prettyboys” for breakfast. “Janus” is the roman god for new beginnings – and is fitting since it is my first skin. Demo’s are available in the store ofcourse. Janus comes in 4 beard/stubble variants

janus-promo1 janus-promo2

Second skin out is “Boreas” – Named after the greek god of the North winds. Something fitting for winter i thought. Boreas comes in 6 variants – from clean shaven to a full beard. Notice the intricate details of the pores, beard and tiny wrinkles that gives this a distinctive masculine feeling.

boreas-promo1 boreas-promo2


Both skins are ofcourse available at the Alphamale main store and you can teleport there via this linke here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Alphamale/128/218/36


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