The Search is On – This time for the MEN!

December 8, 2008

Alphamale Model Search

Yelmer Pfeffer of Alphamale menswear vividly remembers the day back in 2007 when he finally rented a small shop and opened Alphamale menswear. When looking back on all that has happened and what he has accomplished he is pretty surprised. It is now time for the next step. Alphamale is going to launch new webpages for the 2009 season, and Yelmer is looking for “The Alphamale” model out there – someone that represents the image of the company!

We found our latest Blacklace Lingerie model last month and now it’s time to find the next Alphamale. Although Alphamale does not maintain a group of models, the winner of this contest will appear in the ad for the next release from Alphamale and will also appear in an advertising and promotional campaigns for Alphamale and will be featured on the Alphamale website which will be launched early next year. Prizes will be awarded each Sunday between now and January 4th. The final  winner will be chosen from the weekly winners and announced on January 10th. This contest will again reward both the model and the photographer. All photos must be submitted by 12 Midnight SLT on January 2nd and the winners will be announced at the Midnight Jazz Winter Formal on January 10th at 4 pm SLT. (you do not have to be present to win).

What constitutes “Alphamale”?
Alphamale is about tough, confident and masculine men. The kind that women might call a chauvinist, but still have a secret crush on. The designs are simple and not elaborate. Often mono-colored clothing without too many frills. The Alphamale can be as refined as he can be primal. Behind the stubbled beard, and dark shades, is a man with intellectual humor who is in control of his life. He is a mix of James bond and a greasemonkey. He can look dapper in a suit and hot in a leather jacket and some torn pants. Look in the store at the existing pictures and you might capture a gleam of the alphamale style. The alphamale does not have a lot of tattoos, cat ears, a tail or piercings. Alphamales have a weakness for cigarettes, shades and sexy women.

Things you need to know:
*Model must be a male avatar.
*Model must be wearing Alpahamale skin and clothing (No freebie outfits allowed). *Your own accessories are fine to wear*
*Total of one entry submission per person per week is allowed.  
*The photograph(s) should be square. (512×512 or 1024×1024 are preferred). You may letterbox the photograph if you wish. 
*By submitting the photo both the model and photographer are granting Alphamale & Blacklace full permission to use the photo in promotional pieces.
*No logos or names on submitted entries. Appropriate credits will be added after the contest. 
*Only one male model is allowed in the photograph. However – you MAY use one female extra if you wish.
*The female extra must be wearing Blacklace lingerie/Dress, but she can wear her own accessories
*The female extra can be provocative, suggestive or sexy but not nude. Also remember that it is the man who should be the focus of the picture.
*Alphamale reserves the right to omit and remove any non-qualifying images from flickr pool.
*Feel free to ask questions about contest in flickr group discussion.
*Model winners will be judged on the models style and look.
*Photographers will be judged on capturing the essense of Alphamale as a brand
*Photos will be judged by employees of the Alphamale and Blacklace corporation. No Alphamale or Blacklace employees or close friends may for this reason enter.

How to Submit:
*If you are not already a member visit www.flickr.com and sign up. It’s free and easy.
*Join the Alphamale Group Photo Pool located here http://www.flickr.com/groups/889290@N21/
*Upload your photo to Flickr and add it to the Alphamale Group.
*Tag the photo Alphamale Anniversary Contest and be sure both the model’s name and the photographer’s name are in the description of the photo.
*Be sure you are a member of the Alphamale/Blacklace update group. (Click a “join group” sign in the store)

~Weekly Prize~

Each weekly winner and photographer will each receive L$5,000 Gift Card and L$2,500 in cash.

~Top Model Winner~
The top model chosen will receive L$20,000 and will be the featured model for the next release by Alphamale. In addition, the model will appear in a new advertising/promotional campaign for Alphamale and on the Alphamale website set to be launched early next year.

~Top Photographer (Best Photo)~
The photographer chosen for their creativity and originality will win L$20,000 and may be asked to do additional work for Alphamale and/or it’s partners. *Note: It is not guaranteed that the top photographer will be asked to shoot the next ad or promotional campaign.

For any additional information please contact Belle Lefavre in-world via notecard or IM or at BelleLefavre@gmail.com.


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