Alphamale Search 2009 – Winners Week 4

January 12, 2009

As the grand final of the Alphamale Search 2009 approaches, I’m pleased to announce the winners of Week 4.

Winner of Week 4 Model Category
Clyde Saunders

Winner of Week 4 Photographer Category
Steve Hansen

Due to circumstance beyond our control the event last weekend to announce the winners had to be postponed, but please join us at Midnight Jazz slurl.com/secondlife/Alphamale/118/119/36 on 17th January between 2pm and 6pm as we announce the final results of the Alphamale Search 2009 ! Prizes for the winners include 20,000L$ in cash, a photoshoot with one of SL’s top photographers and more!

Live entertainment for your enjoyment, great company and a raffle for some fabulous cars sponsored by OS. The theme is Rock Star/Rock Chick so get your rock on and come and have some fun.

To recap, the weekly winners of all 4 weeks are:

Week 1 winners
Model Category Wesley Witrial
Photographer Jasmine Night

Week 2 winners
Model EA Thorne
Photographer Eula Howlett

Week 3 winners
Model Jagged String
Photographer Seikatsu Koba

Week 4 winners
Model Clyde Saunders
Photographer Steve Hansen

Good luck everyone !


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