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A Gift From Alphamale and Blacklace

May 27, 2009

Not only is Alphamale and Blacklace now offering a gift to its new group members, the gifts are now temporarily available in the store as a way to say, ‘Thank You’, to all of the store’s wonderful customers, and group members. 

With that said, these gifts aren’t just run of the mill freebies whipped up in a moment’s notice.  No, these are exclusive offerings of new releases that can’t be purchased. 

Alphamale’s newest release is Polo Shirts and Chinos and the group gift is an exclusive color in this new line!

A Gift From Alphamale and Blacklace

The set contains a darker blue Polo Shirt with light blue stripes that comes as usual with the two different size cuffs and collars for ease in fit no matter what your shape. Not only do you get the Polo Shirt, but a pair of jeans is also included, and you can’t beat that.  

Alphamale has made sure you’re ready to go and have some fun!

Now, it’s the ladies turn for a gift!

Blacklace is offering a full version of one of its newest releases, Laced Obession!  

This gift set comes in an exclusive color of  black with white lace, a color combo that is always classic.

A Gift From Alphamale and Blacklace

This exclusive color set comes with a corset, panties with and without garters that show your, uh, best attributes.  The set also contains seamed thigh highs and opera gloves adorned by an adorable little bow.

So, if you’re already a member, come to Alphamale and Blacklace to pick up your gifts today while they are still available.

If you’ve put off joining the group, go ahead, because now certainly is the time!  Plus, joining doesnt take up one of your valuable group spots , so you can join at one of the subscribe-o-matic kiosks at the Alphamale and Blacklace store.


Alphamale releases “Summer set”

May 23, 2009





Summer is just around the corner, and to accomodate all those men longing to throw aside wintercoats and heavy sweaters – Alphamale have finally released a couple of pieces perfect for those warm summer days! The set, at a lack of imagination from the Alphamale himself – has been dubbed “Summer 09 set” (Yes.. I know it is lame, but it sure helps organize our inventory! ;D). The set includes a brand new short, with sculpted legs and pockets, along with a matching polo shirt in all layers. You will also find a nice pair of leather sandals. These sets can be purchased at the Alphamale & Blacklace main store, which you will find right here


More Newness at Alphamale

May 18, 2009

You didnt really think Alphamale would stop at just three new Polo Shirts, did you?

More Newness at Alphmale

No, of course not! Alphamale wouldn’t do that to you guys! We now have thirteen..yes..I said thirteen new Polo Shirts that include two different types of collars and sleeves to accomodate an easier fit for the various sized shapes. With the coordinating chinos, well, you can be guaranteed to look cool as a cucumber no matter what heat you’re under be it at work or even play.

Polo Shirts come in a dizzying array of colors,  guaranteed to coordinate with anything and everything in your wardrobe, so grab a taxi and head on down to Alphamale.

Here’s your limo, see you there!


New From Alphamale!

May 14, 2009

We all want to look good, even when we have to hit the floor running first thing in the morning, right? Well, now we have the answer to “what to wear”.

Polo shirts are a classic and an absolute necessity in any man’s closet and now Alphamale has them!

New From Alphamale

 Few things can carry you easily from early morning business meetings into the night. They look great with not only your favorite jeans, but you can add a pair of chinos with a jacket and head straight into the night for some casual fun!

New From Alphamale

Alphamale polo shirts come in Black, Beige and Green, and even have different fits for the sleeves, depending on if you want a tight or loose fit.  If that’s not enough, each polo shirt comes with a pair of chino’s in a coordinating color!

Tell me thats not one of the best deal’s around!

New From Alphamale

Alphamale has thought of everything for you!

Now all you gotta do is grab the limo!



May 4, 2009


Soft breezes fluttering gauzy curtains, the sweet smell of spring rain as it glistens off newly opened petals.

Lazy breakfasts on shaded verandas overlooking the  fields and  even in the early morning, a trickle of sweat makes its way around delicate curves.


 If this doesn’t illicit dreams of soft southern nights and the lilt of a southern drawl,  sweet and slow as molasses, then nothing will.

A satin cincher will accentuate your waist as the delicate lace flounce at the bottom enhances  your other…assets. At the same time, a lace bra plays peek a boo with tender flesh.  Fishnets add just a tiny bit of edge, as does the black gloves.

Belle comes in a rainbow of colors for mixing and matching to fit any mood.

Belle is a must have for any girls wardrobe, no matter where she’s from. It will just make you wish you were a southern Belle.

Here’s your limo to see Belle!


Original Sinn

May 3, 2009

Original Sinn

How often do you hear someone ask for cool  urban mens gear, and we  reel off the same names over and over?

Well, when it comes to cool sneaks and accessories we can send them with certainty to Original Sinn inside Alphamale.

Original SinnOS Original Sinn carries several styles of shoes, all resizable and in pretty much any color you can think of.

Original Sinn 

Oh wait!! I’m not done! Original Sinn also carries way cool beanies that are..get this… resizabe and have a touch menu with additional  options!

No matter what your game is, Original Sinn has you covered when it comes to being cool.

Come check us out inside the Alphamale!


7th Sin

May 3, 2009

7th SinTucked Tucked away  in the back of Alphamale and Blacklace’s parking lot is a wonderful little store called 7th Sin.

7th Sin

It is owned by Vanity Vaniva, a fabulous photographer in her own right, and  we are very lucky that she has  opened a store to share her wonderful poses with us.

Her poses run the gamut from whimsical, to classic to sensual. You can also find individual model poses and props as well.

There truly is something for everyone, whether you are a photographer or just somebody wanting to catch a shot with someone special, which is what i did.  I enlisted the help of my bestie, Eve Torres, and we took a picture using 7th Sin’s pose called bff.

7th Sin

I cant think of a better way to save a memory in any life so be sure and stop by 7th Sin and let them help you remember those special moments.

See you at 7th Sin!