New Release at Blacklace!

May 2, 2009

Blacklace has a new release out.  If “Belle” doesnt invoke thoughts of sweet spring days and sultry summer nights, nothing will.  This darling cincher corset comes in multiple layers and colors and will show off every delicious curve.  Perfect for those who like to mix and match, you can add your favorite colors to express your every mood.   You can purchase them all individually or get the sexy pack, bargained at $L1899 for all 11 colors. Offered colors are; pink, purple, electric blue, teal, tangerine, lime green, white, red, navy blue, coal and champagne.  To see more colors selections, come by the store and also check out the new artwork from Zoe, featuring Miguelina Cazenove, Saoirse Jameson, Zoe Demar & Aleida Rhode.

New Release at Blacklace!


7th Sin  is now open!  Vanity Vaniva has been busy in setting up her new store, and finally it is open!  Swing by and take a look at her poses, they are adorable and look great in picturing you new Alphamale or Blacklace clothing!  Vanity is also one of the Blacklace Photographers, and offers her services to others who are seeking that special picture. Vanity is set up in a store of her own, outside the main mall! Simply exit the north side, and you will see her store with the 7thsin logo!

New Release at Blacklace!

New Release at Blacklace!






Also! For our old customers, you might remember one of our association stores called “Orginal Sinn”. Selling shoes, beanies, cuffs and more. They are back, and have set up their most popular products in the Alphamale section of the mall.  OS merchandise is developed by highly talented 3D modellers, and you can see the quality in their work. If you have not had a chance yet to check out their work, pop by the mall, and head into the mens section and look for the “OS” sign!

Here’s your limo to Alphamale and Blacklace!


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