May 4, 2009


Soft breezes fluttering gauzy curtains, the sweet smell of spring rain as it glistens off newly opened petals.

Lazy breakfasts on shaded verandas overlooking the  fields and  even in the early morning, a trickle of sweat makes its way around delicate curves.


 If this doesn’t illicit dreams of soft southern nights and the lilt of a southern drawl,  sweet and slow as molasses, then nothing will.

A satin cincher will accentuate your waist as the delicate lace flounce at the bottom enhances  your other…assets. At the same time, a lace bra plays peek a boo with tender flesh.  Fishnets add just a tiny bit of edge, as does the black gloves.

Belle comes in a rainbow of colors for mixing and matching to fit any mood.

Belle is a must have for any girls wardrobe, no matter where she’s from. It will just make you wish you were a southern Belle.

Here’s your limo to see Belle!


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