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Blacklace – Enticement

June 18, 2009

Blacklace has more newness,  and this time it is appropriately called Enticement.

Blacklace - Enticement

 It’s not subtle, or demure. It doesn’t pretend. It is meant to entice and it does just that.  

A smexy satin push up bra with a twist, in a multitude of colors, all trimmed in floral lace.  That alone is hard to resist, but this time  there’s something extra that will make you purrr watching your partner drool.

You might have noticed that this underbra is quite *cough* bare.

Blacklace - Enticement

Blacklace has paired Enticement with a new line of pasties,  Sequins Star Pasties which are sold separately.  The pasties also come in a rainbow of colors for mixing and matching with the bra. You can also mix and match to your hearts content with your sheerest of sheer tops!

All in all, definitely Enticing…and you WILL be the star wherever you go, so grab the taxi and see you at Alphamale and Blacklace!


Blacklace – Caress

June 17, 2009

It’s been a long day, and you slip into the bubble bath to unwind. Soft music, and a glass of wine are your only distractions as the day’s stress melts away.

After that, all you need to make the night perfect is a gentle Caress..

Blacklace has taken care of that for us,  Ladies.

Blacklace - Caress

Satin pajama’s, trimmed in lace are perfect for snuggling in your partner’s arms for those long talks.  Maybe you just need a night of chilling on the couch while watching tv and indulging in some Ben & Jerry’s.

Either way, Blacklace has you covered in delicate satin, feminine and that no matter what, you feel the Caress.

Caress comes in  a multitude of colors, so there’s sure to be one to match the mood..or the occasion. See you at Alphamale and Blacklace!


Alphamale – Make Him Over Hunt!

June 15, 2009

Finally!  Second Life’s very first ever hunt just for the guys and you know that Alphamale is one of the stops!

Alphamale has been helping dress the men of SL for well over a year, so who better to know what the men want.

Alphamale - Make Him Over Hunt

You will find that a classic Polo in brown has been set out for the Make Him Over Hunt.  This shirt, as does all of the Alphamale Polo’s, comes with 2 different sizes in sleeves and collars for ease in fitting.  Match it with casual jeans or chinos and you’re all set!

While you’re searching out the clues on the Make Him Over Hunt that runs from June 1-June 30, be sure to see what else Alphamale has to offer.

No matter what your needs, Alphmale has you covered!

Here is a taxi directly to Alphamale and Blacklace

Alphamale - Make Him Over Hunt


Alphamale – New Polo’s, Now With Stripes!

June 4, 2009

Alphamale has released something new for you, guys!

We all know we can’t ever get enough of Alphamale Polo Shirts, with the fresh style and versatility. Well, now there’s hot newness in the store. Striped Polo shirts!  They are, of course, everything you expect from Alphamale and a little more. The shirts come with two sizes of sleeves and collars so that you can get that perfect fit with minimum adjustments. Also, they come in ten great shades that can easily carry you all year round, not just in the summer.

 Alphamale - New Polo's, New Price 

And guess what! You can buy some of these great polo’s in two different prearranged sets, already packaged for you..and are you ready for this?  When you buy a set of three, you only pay for two shirts. The third one is free! This isn’t even a sale, it’s the regular price for the prepackaged sets of three!

Alphamale - New Polo's, New Price

Style and value. It just doesn’t get any better than that, does it? Grab this taxi and we will see you at Alphamale and Blacklace!