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Blacklace – Gemini

July 3, 2009

Blacklace has released a delicious new set called Gemini,  certain to titillate each and every one of your senses.

Blacklace - Gemini

There is something about lingerie, as it caresses your skin, grazing flesh with each movement, hidden by business attire, or perhaps a top and your favorite jeans.

It is moments such as those that you radiate sensuality, when  just a  soft smile  is seductive. Maybe its just a glance in someones direction, but it  utterly captivates them, and they find themselves lost in your allure.

Gemini is one of those sets that will do just that.  A bra, black satin covered in colored lace, is accompanied by a sheer thong with fishnet stockings and a garter that all covers just the right amount of skin to leave your partner wondering.

Under your clothing, it kisses your skin. Uncovered? Gemini will create the same reaction, only the touch will be by your partners lips.

A must have set, for any wardrobe. Gemini comes in a myriad of colors, each one more provocative than the next. This way you wont have to choose, you can have one for every mood.

See you at Alphamale and Blacklace today!


Introducing Alphamale & Blacklace Luxury Estates

July 3, 2009

Introducing Alphamale Luxury Estates


Wearing Alphamale & Blacklace clothing gives you that everyday edge and confidence. But living the good life is about more than just clothes.
The solution is here! “Alphamale Estates” is a grand project that aims to house enthusiastic customers that seek more of the Alphamale & Blacklace lifestyle.

Introducing Alphamale Luxury Estates

Alphamale and Blacklace introduces three sims of  luxurous waterfront residental homes. These upscale sims are meant for those of us who appreciate detailed homes nestled in spacious lots, surrounded by flawless landscaping.

Set in the Alphamale & Blacklace group of regions, you will now find an brand new, expansive suburb of cozy, secluded homes, where you and your partner may rent, live, and take advantage of the special perks that come with being an Alphamale tenant.

Introducing Alphamale Luxury Estates

 These are amazing “key in the door” ready, waterfront homes, set in a lush landscape terraformed for your pleasure. Why live in other small, cramped apartments, with tacky neighbouring buildings, when you can be set in one of our luxurious and spacious estates? Why not move to a community where your neighbour also is an avid Alphamale & Blacklace fan?

– You can choose from 13 wonderful properties, already terraformed with attractive gardens and lush vegetation.
– Each property comes with a pre-placed modern spacious building, created exclusively for this community. Save money by not having to buy a house yourself!
– If you so choose, our team will also set you up with some amazing modern furniture to start you off at no extra cost!

Introducing Alphamale Luxury Estates

 – Gain special limited releases delivered to your door, and ONLY available to tenants at Alphamale & Blacklace, from new upcoming ranges of clothing!
– Enjoy the casual, relaxed atmosphere of having almost a quarter of a sim to yourself.
– Get special invitations to Alphamale & Blacklace fashion events, private parties and hosted concerts!

Don’t you want to live the Alphamale & Blacklace lifestyle?

Introducing Alphamale Luxury Estates

 Contact our CSR team at the Alphamale Estates Office today, to check out our homes at Alphamale Estates