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Blacklace – Dreams

August 25, 2009

Blacklace - Dreams

Romance is in the air. A soft summer night spent on the porch in the arms of the one you love, the sweet smell of jasmine kissing the breeze.

Ah yes, the things Dreams are made of.

Blacklace has found a way to make your Dreams come true in a soft silk cami set. There are 9 luscious colors , each trimmed in black lace. The back is just as dreamy, as it laces up the back, inviting tender kisses along the spine when your partner gives that string a tug.

Each set of  Dreams comes with a satin camisole and matching panties, and with so many colors, no matter what color you dream in…Blacklace has it covered.

Alphamale and Blacklace Landmark


Blacklace – Huntress

August 25, 2009


The Huntress slides her shapely legs into  the boots, the leather flowing over her skin like silk. The panting and low growls of the prey are heard in the distance, Natural Instinct warning of approaching danger..

And she is dangerous…stalking her prey, focused, leg muscles flexing and unflexing as she strides, barely making a sound other than the low moans of hunger…

Introducing in tandem with Natural Instinct is:

HuntressBlacklace - Huntress

To compliment Natural Instinct, Bratty Slade of Aluinn has created thigh high black leather boots. There are two sets, one each with silver trim and one with gold. Each set contains both a re-size and unscripted version.


Blacklace - Huntress

Blacklace - HuntressBratty Slade also has made matching jewellery sets in gold and silver. 

The boots and jewelry can only be found in the Blacklace main store.


Alphamale and Blacklace landmark


Blacklace – Natural Instinct

August 25, 2009

Blacklace - Natural Instinct

In the distance you hear the beat of the drums, pounding to the beat of the blood as it courses through your veins. Heat rising, encompassing everything around you. The scent on the wind, prey on alert, knowing its coming. Body taut,  ready for anything. She throws back her head, untamed hair spilling over her shoulders as nostrils flare in the thrill of the chase…

There is something in the air, but nothing can escape Natural Instinct.

Lingerie beckons the animal in us all, demanding the soft touch of a womans skin,  the firm touch of a mans hand..

Natural Instinct comes with a corset, panty and garter set including matching fishnet stockings and in six bold animal prints.


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huntress-limited edition

A Limited Edition of Natural Instinct which contains a Snow Leopard version of the lingerie,  the Black Aluinn boots with Silver trim, and the Silver Zebra jewellery set for the bargain price of L$499, saving over L$300 when bought separately.  This item will ONLY be on sale until Sunday 30th August so hurry!  This print will not be sold in the store.