Blacklace – Huntress

August 25, 2009


The Huntress slides her shapely legs into  the boots, the leather flowing over her skin like silk. The panting and low growls of the prey are heard in the distance, Natural Instinct warning of approaching danger..

And she is dangerous…stalking her prey, focused, leg muscles flexing and unflexing as she strides, barely making a sound other than the low moans of hunger…

Introducing in tandem with Natural Instinct is:

HuntressBlacklace - Huntress

To compliment Natural Instinct, Bratty Slade of Aluinn has created thigh high black leather boots. There are two sets, one each with silver trim and one with gold. Each set contains both a re-size and unscripted version.


Blacklace - Huntress

Blacklace - HuntressBratty Slade also has made matching jewellery sets in gold and silver. 

The boots and jewelry can only be found in the Blacklace main store.


Alphamale and Blacklace landmark


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