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Alphamale releases two new sets

October 20, 2009

Now available in the main store – A checkered shirt with matching pants. Both in dark green and red. Not yet had a chanse to check out the fabolous new shirts? Make sure to stop by, and have a look at the 18 brand new colors right by the landing point! Where to get them? Right here at Alphamale & Blacklace




Blacklace – Diva

October 17, 2009

Blacklace Diva Halloween

Darkness falls across the land
The midnite hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood…

This is the month of magic,  of the unexplained…

Just when you think it’s all under control you look over your shoulder and there she is.  A beautiful woman, wearing Diva from Blacklace and you know at that point you’re in trouble.

The allure of this set is not to be underestimated; a satin and lace bra and corset, black satin gloves, fishnet stockings and a satin and lace skirt that is stunning. This set also includes a witches’s hat, broom and cauldron.

Beautiful? Of course. Provacative? Always.

Just remember as you succumb to her charms,  in this month of magic things may not be as they seem..but the thrill of finding out will be worth it.

And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller

(Music lyrics from Thriller – Vincent Price)

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Blacklace – Black Widow

October 17, 2009

Blacklace Widow Halloween

When the night is dark, and the moon is high, an unease is whispered in the wind this time of year. A restlessness, a draw to the dark side…to explore the unknown.

She is irresistible in Black Widow, from Blacklace’s Halloween Collection, there is no doubt of that.

Black Widow is a latex set that includes a top and panties, with a sheer black inset of spider webs, and thigh high stockings.

It is not shy, nor does it hint  at anything. There is no doubt as to what the woman wearing Black Widow has on her mind.

The question you have the courage to risk being caught in her web?

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Blacklace – Dreams

October 12, 2009

Blacklace Dreams Halloween

Ahh, we all love nights of blissful slumber, being carried off to adventures near and far through our dreams..yes?

But then again, when Dreams  is from the Blacklace Halloween 2009 collection you can get more than you bargained for…or rather your partner may.

An orange satin camisole, with a soft skirt that rests high on the thighs. trimmed in black lace is definitely the stuff dreams are made of.

The witch’s hat and broomstick that’s included? That’s where the nightmares may come,  at least for your partner.  For once in your presence, your partner will be bewitched, helpless to fight the spell of your enchantment.

Somehow though…I doubt he really will want to fight it too much *wink*.

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Blacklace – Enticement

October 12, 2009

Blacklace Enticement Halloween

The season is upon us for ghouls and ghosts, and for chains that rattle and doors that creak. Those howls in the night? Is that man or beast or…

What you will hear when you wear  Blacklace’s Enticement definitely wont be howls, but will be moans.

Moans of pleasure, I might add.

This edition of Enticement, part of the delicious Halloween 2009 collection includes not only the underbra and pasties, but a corset, garter, stockings and gloves as well and all in mix and match layers for ease of dressing and undressing.

All the pieces are done in our favorite Halloween colors of black, with orange flowers and the sexy touches of sheer insets and laces that tease. 

A word of warning to the man whose woman wears Enticement. Just remember, this is the month when not all is as it seems, and when the moon is full and you find yourself falling under her charms….well anything can happen…and I do mean anything.

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New checkered shirts from Alphamale

October 10, 2009


Alphamale have made 18 new great shirts for fall. These come in the various colors – ranging from bright and outgoing, to more subdued and earthy colors that many of us associate with this time of year. You can buy the shirts in individual colors as normal, or get 3 at a time in special packs – offering you a good discount. If you are a big fan – a large fatpack of all shirts are available as well. Not sure what looks good? We have also prepared 4 styles for you and matched them with our brand new formal trousers that matches any Alphamale shirts perfectly.

Come by today and pick up your copy – right here at Alphamale & Blacklace


Blacklace – Wistful Darks

October 6, 2009

Blacklace Wistful Darks

Opposites do attract, don’t they?

Wistful Lights is full of romance and promise.

Wistful Darks, with the nod to the coming seasons is no less feminine, but the whispers are of something totally different.

Sometimes we  have to let that ‘bad girl’ come out and have some fun too, and truly is there anything more perfect to wear when you have a big night out, or maybe even a quiet dinner at home…but ‘she’ wants to come out and play?

Perhaps some jewelry that calls to the darkness in all of us, along with thigh high stiletto boots? Maybe heels that  make your legs appear to go on forever with classic jewelry?

The choice is yours, no matter whether its that lil’ angel or devil that comes out to play, but you can be assured that the matching lingerie will captivate your partner, and  he won’t be able to escape the charms of Wistful Darks.

Now really, why would he want to?


Blacklace – Wistful Lights

October 6, 2009

Blacklace Wistful Lights

Wistful, oh so feminine with lace trim on the halterneck bodice promises to wrap your skin in satin, while whispering of candlelit dinners or romantic nights dancing in your partner’s arms.

The skirt of the gown flows naturally in gentle waves from the waist, and has  matching lace trim at the hem.

This being a Blacklace design, you have to know there is more and there is.

Hiding under this enchanting dress is lingerie, titillating and tempting.

Once the skirt comes off, the heat rises. Your partner wont be able to resist the Wistful charm of your beauty, and the hunger of the night.


Blacklace – Demar Lingerie

October 4, 2009

Blacklace's Demar Lingerie Vendor

For every wedding day, there is a wedding night.

We all want to wow our partner on our wedding night…or any night for that matter!

Wearing Demar is one sure way of accomplishing that.

From the fitted bodice with its flawless detailing to the delicious lacy panties and garter, with the white seamed stockings and gloves this lovely set is assured to heat up the night.

Demar Bridal includes the lingerie, but it can also be purchased separately at Blacklace.

Just grab this limo, and be on your way to making dreams come true, regardless of whether its your wedding night ..or just the night you want to leave him wanting more…


Blacklace – Demar Bridal

October 4, 2009

Blacklace's Demar Bridal Set Vendor

Every bride deserves to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and any woman wearing Demar is assured of being the center of attention on her special day.

Demar is classical in its design, and’s made by Blacklace so you can be assured of perfection.

The dress is stunning with its fitted strapless bodice, and princess skirt. The detail on both the bodice and skirt and train is exquisite and will certainly invoke the vision of loveliness every bride dreams of . The veil is included  and is mod along with the skirt so that you can make it truly yours.

Let Demar take your groom’s breath away as you take these first steps, not only down the aisle but as you begin the journey of your lives together.

Take this limo to  the wedding dress of your dreams…