Blacklace – Enticement

October 12, 2009

Blacklace Enticement Halloween

The season is upon us for ghouls and ghosts, and for chains that rattle and doors that creak. Those howls in the night? Is that man or beast or…

What you will hear when you wear  Blacklace’s Enticement definitely wont be howls, but will be moans.

Moans of pleasure, I might add.

This edition of Enticement, part of the delicious Halloween 2009 collection includes not only the underbra and pasties, but a corset, garter, stockings and gloves as well and all in mix and match layers for ease of dressing and undressing.

All the pieces are done in our favorite Halloween colors of black, with orange flowers and the sexy touches of sheer insets and laces that tease. 

A word of warning to the man whose woman wears Enticement. Just remember, this is the month when not all is as it seems, and when the moon is full and you find yourself falling under her charms….well anything can happen…and I do mean anything.

Taxi to Halloween 2009 at Blacklace


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