Blacklace – Diva Reinvented

November 14, 2009

Blacklace Diva Reinvented Vendor

Diva Reinvented brings the Wild Wild West to 2009 with a bang.

Back then men rode hard,  drank double fisted, and protected the women and well…kept them in their place.

The women? Well, of course they let the men think that.

Now lets fast forward to 2009, and oh my.. so much has changed. One thing we have learned though, is we now know that there are times that its best to take a page from the past.

Thats where Diva Reinvented comes in with its satin and lace cincher with garters, delicious lil’ panties, a satin and lace bra, and a sassy satin and lace tiered skirt, all trimmed in bows. Thats not all though, oh no. Diva also comes with opera gloves, feather adornments for the hair, a choker and earrings, and sheer stockings.

A set so jam-packed with extras and with all the attention to detail you have come to expect from Blacklace, that you simply can’t pass this one up.

Diva Reinvented comes in a multitude of colors to match any mood or playtime and you can only get it at Blacklace, so grab  your limo here.

Oh and dont forget that for your convenience Blacklace is now selling a giftcard in a denomination of 5000L for the holidays.

Happy Riding *winks*


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