Blacklace Photo Contest

November 17, 2009


Blacklace Lingerie is holding a photo contest to find 3 models to join the existing group of girls, to be featured on our vendors and store art.  We want to see your beautiful avatars dressed up in Blacklace in seductive, alluring poses.  Please read the rules and details of prizes below:

*The model in the photo must be wearing Blacklace lingerie
*Only the model in the photo please
*There is no theme, but be creative. You do not have to just send studio shots.
*Photoshopping is encouraged, but the lingerie needs to be recognisable
*No nudity or explicit images
*One entry per person
*By entering your image you are agreeing to allow Blacklace to use your photo for display both in-store and as promotional material

What we need from you
Make a folder in your inventory called !Blacklace Contest <your name>
Upload your entry which must be square, and either 512 x 512 or 1024 x 1024
Change the permissions on your texture to FULL PERMISSIONS this is very important
On a notecard put your Name, your SL age, your time zone, who took your photo, and one paragraph telling us why you think you would be suitable as a Blacklace Model.
Put both into the folder and send it to BLACKLACE FAITH no later than 22nd November.  Please do not send the entries to any other members of staff.

The Prizes
First Prize
L$5000 Blacklace Gift Card
A new set of lingerie named after you.  This will be a Limited Edition set and only sold over the Christmas period.
You will be the model for the Limited Edition vendor image and an image will also be taken of you for store art over Christmas
An invitation to the Blacklace Models group.

2nd Prize
L$2000 Blacklace Gift Card
A Sexy Pack of 3 sets of your choice
An invitation to the Blacklace Models group

3rd Prize
L$1000 Blacklace Gift Card
A Sexy Pack of 2 sets of your choice
An invitation to the Blacklace Models group.

Your entry will be disqualified if:
There is more than one person in the photo
Your photo doesn’t have full permissions
The lingerie is photoshopped into oblivion
Your entry is sent to anyone other than Blacklace Faith
You send your entry in after 22nd November.

Staff of Blacklace and Alphamale are not eligible for entry.

If you have any questions, need clarification on any point, or want to know more about Blacklace Models please send a NOTECARD to Gemini Galatea.


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