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Blacklace – Guinevere

December 8, 2009

Blacklace and Aluinn present a Limited Edition Design that is sure to become a classic in your wardrobe for the holidays!

Guinevere Snow Flake comes in a stunning shade of blue and the bodice is adorned by sparkling sequins that are reminiscent of snowflakes glistening under the morning sun.

The dress comes with two styles of skirt, both full and split and both fall gracefully from the bodice. You will know without a doubt either skirt you choose will draw the admiring gaze of those around you because either way you will be the picture of elegance at any holiday party.

Since this is a Blacklace design, you know that this set includes a set of classic lingerie designed to heat up the night,  and may just leave your Snow Flake gown melting into the bedroom floor! The lingerie comes with panties that have the option of garters or without, and naturally the set comes with stockings.

No gown is complete without jewelry, and the jewelry is provided in the set by Aluinn. The necklace comes in a matching shade of blue and will cascade in a snowflake design,  drawing attention to the silky skin of your throat and shoulders, and to your bustline. The set also comes with matching earrings and will prove to be versatile throughout the year because there’s never a time a woman doesn’t need exquisite jewelry!

Your limo to Blacklace awaits, where you will find this Limited Edition gown, Snow Flake, waiting for you.


Blacklace – Naughty Little Gift

December 8, 2009

Alphamale and Blacklace has put out a gift for its wonderful customers!

This years gift is a festive remake of Enticement with oh-so-cute bow pasties, delicious panties and stockings with cute lil bows.

You can get the gift at Blacklace in the holiday section on the wall beside the Christmas tree. 

While you’re there be sure and check out two offerings from the 2008 Holiday Collection.

First there is Mistletoe. Need I point out how utterly cute this is and no way can you possible miss the Mistletoe, and thats a kiss that wont soon be forgotten i might add!

Second is Candy Cane, totally sweet and so very lickable in red and white stripes. Both sets are for sale in case you missed them last year.  Both are definitely worth picking up for yourself or for gifts!

Grab your limo to Blacklace for your gift and see what Blacklace has for you this holiday season!


Blacklace – Mink

December 7, 2009

It’s that time of the year when Jack Frost blows in the cold winds of winter, and blankets of snow cover the ground.

Even with a roaring fireplace, we still find ourselves shivering and now Blacklace has just the thing to help thaw the frost!

Why it’s Mink,  of course! This opulent set comes with both a black and white fur wrap, but thats not all. It also comes with both black and white satin panties, garters and stockings and gloves.

Between the warmth of mink, the glow from a crackling fire and what is bound to be your partner’s ardent interest, I guarantee you will settle in all nice and cozy for the night.

So like the song says..Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Your limo to Blacklace awaits to take you to winter’s warmth!


Blacklace – Laya

December 7, 2009

You know Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, and Donner and Blitzen…and now Laya!

And now boys and girls it’s time for some reindeer games!

Well, somehow, I dont think  that the games that this Christmas set inspires are “those” types of games *wink*

This year, Laya will replace those dreams of dancing sugarplums with a totally red hot leather bra trimmed in black and silver, red panties and garter with stockings, leather belt and a collar. Let’s dont forget the adorable antlers and the cutest red nose you’ve ever seen!

I do believe Santa will definitely be jealous that you will be much too busy with your partner on Christmas Eve than to even think of leading his sleigh!

Grab a limo and  hurry to Blacklace , and let the games begin!


Blacklace – Naughty Elf

December 7, 2009

Oh, what man won’t want to catch this lil’ elf putting presents under his tree?

Actually, he may think you’re one of the gifts, what with the sexy corset set which is bound to put any Scrooge in the holiday mood with its festive colors!

This set boasts a red and green lace bra, an embroidered green waist cincher with a garter and  stockings which come on multiple layers. That’s not all though! This set also comes  with gloves, bangles, earrings and a ring! This all adds up to make you one of Santa’s sexiest helpers.

This is one of those times you dont want to be too good at your job though. If you’re really good, you get to stay in by the fireplace, instead of being sent back out in the cold *wink*

Hurry and grab your limo to Blacklace for Naughty Elf!

Photo by Cortney Prieto, with thanks to Lost Angels for the pose and Mudhoney Designs and NotSoBad designs for the props and furniture.


Blacklace – Eliza

December 7, 2009

Sprinkle of Frost is a Holiday 2009 release, and really…Mariska Simons has created a gown that is sure to make you gasp as you catch sight of yourself in the mirror.

If only the picture could catch the way the gown, which is mid calf length,  floats angelically as the crystals catch the light. The vision is sure to remind your partner of a beautiful ice princess, regal  in her beauty as all of nature dances in the light merely for your pleasure.

The top of the gown leaves no mistake in its intention to accentuate a womans femininity. The back of the gown though, oh my goodness! The back is open, so that it invites a partner’s caress of  your back, perhaps the trace of a fingertip down your shoulder-blade as you dance the night away.  The dress comes to a v-shape at your lower back, drawing attention downwards.

There is no part of this gown that isn’t perfect in its execution.

Naturally, this being a Blacklace gown, you know that once the night out is over, and the gown falls from your silky skin to the bedroom floor, there is a stunning set of lingerie waiting to top off this perfect night.

The most important thing I can tell you is that this gown is a Limited Edition, so hurry! I promise you that this is one gown you dont want to leave for Santa to bring!

Your limo to Blacklace awaits!