Blacklace – Eliza

December 7, 2009

Sprinkle of Frost is a Holiday 2009 release, and really…Mariska Simons has created a gown that is sure to make you gasp as you catch sight of yourself in the mirror.

If only the picture could catch the way the gown, which is mid calf length,  floats angelically as the crystals catch the light. The vision is sure to remind your partner of a beautiful ice princess, regal  in her beauty as all of nature dances in the light merely for your pleasure.

The top of the gown leaves no mistake in its intention to accentuate a womans femininity. The back of the gown though, oh my goodness! The back is open, so that it invites a partner’s caress of  your back, perhaps the trace of a fingertip down your shoulder-blade as you dance the night away.  The dress comes to a v-shape at your lower back, drawing attention downwards.

There is no part of this gown that isn’t perfect in its execution.

Naturally, this being a Blacklace gown, you know that once the night out is over, and the gown falls from your silky skin to the bedroom floor, there is a stunning set of lingerie waiting to top off this perfect night.

The most important thing I can tell you is that this gown is a Limited Edition, so hurry! I promise you that this is one gown you dont want to leave for Santa to bring!

Your limo to Blacklace awaits!

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