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Blacklace – Vernice

January 28, 2010

Blacklace presents Vernice, the latest underbra set just in time for Valentines.

Each set includes matching garter belt, panties, lace topped stockings and short lace gloves. Vernice comes in a multitude of colors, so we have your favorite covered.

Oh! Speaking of covered! This set comes with heart-shaped pasties for those of you that are a bit shy. It could be just as fun though when it comes to that all important tease!

Dont be surprised if your partner goes in for that tiny nibble and, well, you know the rest, right?

Now thats a Valentines present he’d love to open, and definitely some creative wrapping wouldn’t you say?

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Blacklace – Altonia

January 28, 2010

Sexy, confident, firey..all words that describe the woman who wears Altonia.

Flirty, alluring and opulent … all words that describe the newest corset set from Blacklace.

Altonia has it all, from provocative lingerie to everything you need when you want to step out and take a walk on the wild side!

This is not  just your average lingerie. Finely detailed in bright metallic colors that will bring a sparkle to your partner’s eyes.  The sassy little mini-skirt? Even if he wanted to look away, he couldn’t.

Altonia includes the corset with garters,  corset with skirt bottom,  panties, lace topped stockings and short lace gloves. With or without the skirt option, you are guaranteed to be smokin’  hot!

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Blacklace – Scarlet

January 26, 2010

Red is the symbol of so much that is love and passion and heat.

And with that, Blacklace gives us Scarlet, a corset set that will ignite the passion of lovers on a night of romance.

Scarlet is comprised of a black satin corset with red lacing, red satin panties and garter, fishnet stockings and both red and black opera length gloves.

There is no better way to tease and tempt your man than with the touch of satin against bare skin. Don’t wait till Valentines Day, because there is no day more perfect than today for the fiery flames of Scarlet.

Grab your taxi to Blacklace here!


Blacklace – Cupid

January 26, 2010

Tell me it gets cuter than this? You know it doesn’t and so will your man.

Designed for the those that love or wish to on Valentines, this is the perfect playful set to get that man’s attention!

Cupid comes with either hot pink or red hearts splashed on a black satin that trimmed with the perfect amount of lace.

This set is composed of a bra, panties, garter and stockings  is a black belt with a pouch attached. For what? The arrows of course! Cupid doesn’t go anywhere without arrows! The one thing needed to make this perfect is wings, and yes! They are included, and not just any wings I might add. These have antennae that are adorned by lil’ pink or red hearts!

This Valentines, it’s time to make that move on the one you love so  flutter your wings and get that arrow ready for Cupid..

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Grab your taxi to Blacklace, and go looking for Cupid!


Blacklace – Love Affair

January 26, 2010

This goes from sexy to smokin’ in about 8 seconds flat.

There is absolutely nothing  to not love about this dress, from the shimmering material to the oh so perfect cut of the dress. Every curve, every nuance of a womans body that should be accentuated ..totally is.

Really, in this dress everything looks good. Most of us women fuss about hips that might be a lil’  too big or that our waist isn’t a perfect hourglass, but let’s get real. What man is going to care when he see’s his date rockin’  Love Affair?

Oh and just so you know? The back of this dress is as hot as the front.

Yeah, with this dress, you can pretty much be assured of a Love Affair you wont soon forget.

Grab this taxi to Blacklace ..seriously..right now!


Face of Alphamale 2010

January 20, 2010

Alphamale announces the annual Face of Alphamale modeling contest to find the Face of Alphamale 2010! Alphamale uses only a few handpicked models in its productions. This is your chance to join the Alphamale crew, and take your place among the best of the best representing one of SL’s leading male brands!

Last years winner, Clyde Saunders, has been doing just that , and can be seen in a variety of vendors in Alphamale as well as advertising and promotional materials.

The face of Alphamale isn’t just handsome. No, the Face of Alphamale has it all. He is the total package of wit, charm, style and looks.  In addition, Alphamale models  have to be willing to work with the Alphamale team to represent the brand.

If you think it would be fun to take part in this modeling contest featuring some of Second Life’s most handsome men, have a chance at  running with the Alphamale pack, and win wonderful prizes as well, then here is your chance to enter  and get your shot at being Face of Alphamale 2010!


*The model in the photo must be wearing Alphamale items. If you aren’t sure  of the Alphamale look, then check the store to see what the Alphamale man wears.
*Only the model in the photo please
*There is no theme, but be creative. You do not have to just send studio shots. Photoshopping is allowed.
*As the model will usually feature clothing, the picture needs to show more than face only.
*No nudity or explicit images
*No tattoos or piercings.
*One entry per person
*By entering your image you are agreeing to allow Alphamale to use your photo for display both in-store and as promotional material

What we need from you
Make a folder in your inventory called !Alphamale Contest
Upload your entry which must be square, and either 512 x 512 or 1024 x 1024
Letterboxing the picture is ok
Change the permissions on your texture to FULL PERMISSIONS this is very important
On a notecard put your name, your SL age, your time zone, who took your photo, and one paragraph telling us why you think you should be chosen as the Face of Alphamale.  DO NOT PUT YOUR PICTURES INSIDE THE NOTECARD PLEASE.
Put your information notecard, and your photos into the folder and send it to ALPHAMALE CHROME no later than 14th February 2010.  Please do not send the entries to any other members of staff.

The Prizes
First Prize
Model will be featured in 2 page spread advertisement of the Alphamale Brand, used in magazines.

2nd & 3d Prize
L$2000 Alphamale Gift Card

Your entry will be disqualified if:
There is more than one person in the photo
Your photo doesn’t have full permissions
The clothing is photoshopped into oblivion
Your entry is sent to anyone other than Alphamale Chrome
You send your entry in after 14th February 2010.

Staff of Alphamale & Blacklace are not eligible for entry.
If you have any questions or need clarification on any point, please send a NOTECARD to Gemini Galatea.
The winner will be decided by selected members of the Alphamale & Blacklace team


Miguelina – Limited Edition

January 19, 2010

Blacklace presents a limited edition of Miguelina, a corset set bound to tickle you pink!  Delicate flowers embellish the pink satin cincher which whispers of a oriental influence. Matching panties are included, along with thigh high stockings, a matching bra and garter.

Those of us at Blacklace wish to express our condolences to the people affected by the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, and for that reason all proceeds of this  limited edition set of Miguelina will go to the Red Cross Haiti Fundraiser. 

Miguelina can be purchased at the Blacklace store for 98L, so please hurry in today for your set, and to support Red Cross efforts to assist those who have been devasted by this tragic event.


Alphamale & Blacklace Hunt Gifts

January 15, 2010

We are participating in 3 hunts between now and the end of February,  2 of them are already underway,  so here are pics of the gifts inside the objects you’re looking for.

Heatwave Hunt (Blacklace Only)

Happy Hunting !

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Thank you !

January 13, 2010

The creator Mariska Simons, and all the staff and models of Blacklace would like to say a huge thank you to the readers of Vain Inc Magazine for voting for us, and making us the winners of the Best Lingerie Category in the Readers’ Choice Awards 2009 !

We greatly appreciate the loyal support of our customers and are thrilled to be chosen for this award.  Here’s to a great 2010, and  look out for our brand new Valentine’s Collection out soon !

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Stage set and most poses by ::Poise::
Photo by Vanity Vaniva