Blacklace – Love Affair

January 26, 2010

This goes from sexy to smokin’ in about 8 seconds flat.

There is absolutely nothing  to not love about this dress, from the shimmering material to the oh so perfect cut of the dress. Every curve, every nuance of a womans body that should be accentuated ..totally is.

Really, in this dress everything looks good. Most of us women fuss about hips that might be a lil’  too big or that our waist isn’t a perfect hourglass, but let’s get real. What man is going to care when he see’s his date rockin’  Love Affair?

Oh and just so you know? The back of this dress is as hot as the front.

Yeah, with this dress, you can pretty much be assured of a Love Affair you wont soon forget.

Grab this taxi to Blacklace ..seriously..right now!


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