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Blacklace – Trouble

February 27, 2010

Here comes Trouble and this time its in the form of a sexy lil’  bad girl.

With Blacklace’s newest release, no matter how you switch this up you’re in for a lot of fun. Wanna play cop to his robber? I don’t think he will mind being arrested too awfully much. Private investigator? Yeah, I’m thinking he will be all for you checking him out.  How bout rockin’ the  femme fatale gangsta look?

The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Trouble includes a pinstripe bra and mesh panties, pinstripe garters with and without guns and a totally great hat.

What set of lingerie is complete without jewelry? Aluinn has created a set of bracelets especially for Trouble, and  the set comes with two different styles for mixing and matching. The bracelets are sold separately and you can find them by Trouble in the Blacklace store.

Grab  this taxi to Blacklace and discover what your imagination can do for you!


Face of Alphamale 2010!!

February 22, 2010

Each and every entry is truly appreciated along with the hard work that went into each one, but there could only be one 1st Place winner.

Alphamale would like to welcome Nirvana Unplugged to the team as the new Face of Alphamale 2010!

While it isn’t easy to choose just one, the judges felt that Nirvana exuded the qualities of not just looks, but style, wit and charm that The Face of Alphamale represents. Our winner must have the total package and we found those attributes in Nirvana Unplugged.

Nirvana will receive 20,000L as well as being featured in a two page spread in the April 2010 issue of ICON Magazine.

Umberto Giano was the recipient of Second Prize and will receive 5,000L and a 2,000L giftcard.

Briggs Aeon is the winner of Third Prize and will also receive 5,000L and a 2,000L giftcard.

The competition was tremendous with 120 entries and  congratulations are in order for all three of the winners. While it was difficult, these three ultimately reflected the values that we see in the Alphamale brand.


Alphamale – Turtleneck Sweater

February 16, 2010


Baby it’s cold outside and Alphamale has just the thing to keep you warm on these winter days!

No matter whether you’re snowed in and snuggling with your girl on the couch, headed off to work in your best business casual, or going out for the night, these sweaters are destined to become a  must have in your wardrobe.

The versatility is obvious, coming in a multitude of colors all designed to mix and match with most anything in your closet. Headed into the office? This classic sweater stands on its own with a pair of  chinos or dress slacks. Going out with the guys or your best girl? Toss it on with Each a pair of jeans and jacket and you’re set for the night.

Each sweater comes in multi layers for ease in dressing and accessorizing.  Go ahead and grab that limo and head to Alphamale today to pick up a sweater, or all of them because you know with the Alphamale quality you will need all seven colors in black, green, gray, blue, turquoise, purple and red.


Blacklace – Mile High

February 13, 2010

Blacklace presents the Mile High set.

Pure, unadulterated heat generated by a multitude of  daydreams where the only limit is your own imagination and that of your partner.

Mile High invokes the salacious fantasy of that naughty flight attendant, her short tight dress drawing heated stares. The bra peeking out from the low-cut top, taunting those who lust after her as she moves around, sheer seamed high highs and garters caressing the oh so shapely legs.

Mile High consists of the dress or costume and the belt, thigh high stockings trimmed in lace and lace gloves. Also, gray satin black lace panties, bra and garter all on multiple layers so you can wear it your way. 

This one is for you…your fantasy. Let Mile High help fuel your imagination.

Grab  the limo to Blacklace today, and find your dreams.


Blacklace – Valentines Day Mile High

February 13, 2010

He sat down by the window, settling into the seat heavily. It had been a bad week; business was bad, the bed in the hotel room wasn’t comfortable and a week of bad food and irate customers was pushing him to the point of exhaustion and irritability.

Maybe a drink, then a nap the rest of the way home would calm his nerves. .

The flight attendant, professional as always, stopped by his seat and offered him that badly needed drink. He looked up at her and inwardly whistled. A vision of loveliness if there ever had been one.

Was it his imagination or did he see a bit of heat in her glance? He eyed her voluptuous figure and shook it off.  Even if he was a man he refused to be one of  ‘those’ men.

Quickly he finished his drink and leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes.

Startling awake, he fought off the cobwebs of confusion. Someone or something had touched him and he struggled to regain his composure.

The flight attendant straddled his lap, as she loosened his tie, fingers trailing down his chest as she deftly unbuttoned his shirt and leaned in, whispering against his ear “Sir, might you be a member of the Mile High Club?”.

She unfastened the leather belt that circled her tiny waist and raised the skirt of her tight pink uniform up around her waist, exposing the purple satin and black lace panties. Leaning in she brushed her lips over his, as she squirmed over his muscled thighs, “You know, i wanted you the moment i saw you.” Quickly she unzipped the pink dress, exposing her full breasts, barely held in by the matching purple and black lace bra.

He moved his hands over her creamy thighs..caressing the lace topped thigh highs as he looked up into her eyes..

The vision..perfect..

The scent of her..the moans…ohh the moans…

He reached for her as he heard her voice, “Sir, Sir? Are you ill? You are moaning, do you need assistance?”

Blushing as he awoke from the overly vivid dream, he assured her that he in fact, was fine. 

Unable to return to sleep, he stared out the window and found himself wondering where he could buy an outfit like that…the one in his dreams…

Blacklace, of course. Let the Valentines Day Mile High Limted Edition fuel your imagination and fly you and your partner to the heavens.

 Oh, and another thing you get from Blacklace? Always…the fantasy. Enjoy.


Blacklace – Pink and Red 50 pct Sale!

February 12, 2010

Pink and Red – Such romance, right? You bet it is!

Every PINK or RED item at Blacklace is on sale for 50 percent from Friday, Feb 12 @ 2:00 pm SLT until Monday, February 15 at Midnight SLT. 

Take your partner on a wild ride from sugar and spice to firey lil’ seductress – and everything in between. Make this a Valentines they wont soon forget!

Just hanging at home this weekend?  Take the time to pamper yourself with a long hot bubblebath, some wine, and then wrap yourself in some satin and lace.

No matter who you spend the weekend with..its a good time to splurge on YOU!

Grab your taxi to Blacklace here, and give yourself the gift of romance!

*Giftcards are excluded from use in the 50 pct off items*


Blacklace – Mile High Lingerie

February 9, 2010

This time Blacklace gives us a sultry bra and panty set, and we know it’s just impossible to have too many.

Mile High Lingerie comes in your favorite color satin, enhanced with opulent black lace and is a must-have, no doubt about it. 

Perfect to wear alone, or maybe under jeans and a sweater. Then again, there are times when you have to be serious, and nothing will close that deal at work faster than the confidence you exude when you know you’re sizzling under that business attire. Besides, sooner or later that business suit will find its way to the bedroom floor…

Mile High Lingerie comes with a bra,  thong panties and the perfect garter for showing that pert rear that so makes your partner melt!  Naturally, it also comes with seamed thigh high stockings and gloves.

Each delicious set comes in an array of layers so that you can create the look you want.

Your limo to Blacklace awaits.