Blacklace – Tease Cut Jeans

May 14, 2010

Blacklace is teasing us with more jeans..this time with the Tease Cut Jeans!

Just like Flirt Cut, Tease has a subtle side that will enhance the soft lines of your curves, but Tease Cut shines when it comes to being bold!

We all know that there is nothing quite like that pair of worn jeans. You know the ones, not only do they go with everything, but they slide on and hug your shape in all the right places.  When you are wearing those jeans, you know you look good..you dont even need to see a mirror or an appreciative glance from a stranger on the street.

They might be a bit worn but its in all the right places, offering a flash of thigh, or a peek at that oh-so-shapely rear as you walk off down the street. Tease is sexy yes, but it’s the sexy that comes from confidence, and lets get real…thats the best kind.

That’s Tease Cut Jeans from Blacklace. Need I say more?

Blacklace has included not only multiple layers, but sculpted legs in folded cuff, skinny and boot cut. They also come in ten shades including white and pastels.

If that’s not enough, you can purchase Blacklace Tease Cut jeans in either copy/modify/no transfer,  or no copy/modify/transfer – your choice.

Taxi to Blacklace.


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