Blacklace – Holli

June 8, 2010

Blacklace gives us Holli, a way smexy slip of a dress!

Holli has everything from Blacklace that you love!

It’s not just the luscious satin, trimmed in black lace. It’s not just the fact that it comes on multi layers, or with the adorable charms that dangle at your thighs. Also, it isn’t just the seamed thigh high stockings trimmed in lace, or the flirty gloves. No, it’s not just Holli’s versatility either, even though this slip dress is a breeze to style with your own personality.

Close your eyes for a moment, and picture what can’t be bought, but that Blacklace gives us. It’s the moment that your partner brushes their lips against your cleavage, or the hand that slides up a silken thigh. Maybe the  soft kisses that trail down your back.

Blacklaces gives us the whole package; Holli, along with the possibilites…and the probabilities.

Grab a limo to Blacklace, and get your favorite color of Holli. Can’t decide? Get them all!


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