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Alphamale and Blacklace Sale!

July 30, 2010

Alphamale and Blacklace is having a sale!!! WOOT!

All giftcards are 50 pct off July 30 – August 1.

That’s right, THAT means you can get everything you’ve had on your wish list plus a whole lot more and you can get it half price just by purchasing and using one of the Alphamale and Blacklace giftcards!

Wanna  give someone special a gift? This is the time since giftcards are transferable. Just think how excited your man or woman will be, and you’ll get the private fashion show to prove it!  Whatever you do, don’t wait because the sale ends August 1.

Grab a taxi and head to Alphamale and Blacklace  cause this is one sale you wont want to miss out on!


Blacklace Exclusive at Iconically Sexy!

July 27, 2010

All that glitters is not gold, unless youre having a Love Affair with this dress and then you will sparkle!

Blacklace presents Love Affair in gold,  and there is absolutely nothing  to not love about this dress, from the shimmering material to the oh so perfect cut of the dress. Every curve, every nuance of a womans body that should be accentuated ..totally is.

Oh, and just so you know? The back of this dress is as hot as the front.

Yeah, with this dress, you can pretty much be assured of a Love Affair you wont soon forget.

Dont forget though, you can only get this dress at Blacklace at the Iconically Sexy Shopping District!


Blacklace – Taste of SL Hunt – Blue Star and Pink Star Bikinis

July 17, 2010

Blacklace has kini’s in the TOSL Hunt and they are adorable!

You get two colors,  blue and pink, both with stars and side ties. 

Now wanna hear the best part? You get both bikini’s for only 100L! That’s right…not only will you be smokin’ hot on the beach, you will still have plenty of money left to take that cute lifeguard out on a date that night!

For more info on the Taste of SecondLife hunt check it out at:

While you’re at Blacklace be sure and check out the RFL items,  at the store. You can get both Rizzo in purple and Sandy in teal and pink are still out and support a great cause!

Grab a taxi to Blacklace here.


Blacklace – Frenchy

July 5, 2010

Blacklace presents Frenchy! Ooo la la!

Sweet Frenchy, somewhat misguided but ever the optimist and willing to be a friend to all. She always had smile on her face, and a  playful spark in her eye.

Let’s see how that compares to Blacklace’s Frenchy? Hmm, sweet..yes. Friendly? Definitely! The smile, now that may actually be on your partner’s face, and the playful spark? Well, that goes both ways, you know!

This  sexy set includes a bra and waist cincher, both with a sheer panel of black lace. The delectable panties are trimmed in the same lace. Frenchy is just as hot going as it is coming, with a back trimmed in black lace, and lacing tied off with a bow that you just know wont stay tied long! Matching stockings and garters are also included, and the garters are accentuated by the Blacklace charms.

Grab your limo to Blacklace  where you will find Frenchy in a multitude of colors, of which at least one, you’re sure to love. And as the French say, “Restez dans le lycée, de peur que vous imaginiez des anges dans des bigoudis te chantant”.

Well, maybe the French don’t say that exactly, but everything sounds better in French!


Blacklace – Sandy

July 5, 2010

Blacklace presents Sandy. How could we think of Grease and not think of sweet, sweet Sandy. Innocent and unaware, she waited on the cusp for her time to blossom. 

Blacklace’s Sandy whispers of the sensuality that lies under the surface, like the soft words of a lover in the middle of the night. It will capture your attention and hold it with the promise of a sweet kiss, a tender touch…and nights of which dreams are made.

This sweet set, with its nod to the 50’s and understated elegance consists of a satin cincher and bra that are embellished with floral lace. The cincher sports a demure ruffled skirt. The back is laced, and tied off with a cute bow.  Matching stockings and garters are also included.

Grab your limo to Blacklace  where you will not only find Sandy in your favorite color, but lilting voices of young lovers in their hopeless devotion.


Blacklace – Rizzo

July 5, 2010

Blacklace has new releases, with a nostalgic look to the musical, Grease.

Who can forget Rizzo dancing around in that blonde wig singing, “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee, lousy with virginity.” Rizzo was fun, she was sassy and full of attitude. A woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it!

With  that, Blacklace presents Rizzo.

This great set starts with a black satin corset, with an inset of colored satin covered with black lace, added to that is sexy seamed stockings held up with garters adorned with adorable Blacklace charms. The bustline is trimmed in black lace as well as the bottom..literally. The delicious panties are also trimmed in black lace, which will leave your partner in confusion.

Confusion about what, you ask?

Why, he wont know whether to go in for a nibble, a playful spank or just take them off totally!

Grab your limo to Blacklace for your favorite color of Rizzo, and take home some sassy and sexy of your own. Oh, and dont forget the blonde wig while you’re at it. Your partner might appreciate having a “virgin” again!