Blacklace – Frenchy

July 5, 2010

Blacklace presents Frenchy! Ooo la la!

Sweet Frenchy, somewhat misguided but ever the optimist and willing to be a friend to all. She always had smile on her face, and a  playful spark in her eye.

Let’s see how that compares to Blacklace’s Frenchy? Hmm, sweet..yes. Friendly? Definitely! The smile, now that may actually be on your partner’s face, and the playful spark? Well, that goes both ways, you know!

This  sexy set includes a bra and waist cincher, both with a sheer panel of black lace. The delectable panties are trimmed in the same lace. Frenchy is just as hot going as it is coming, with a back trimmed in black lace, and lacing tied off with a bow that you just know wont stay tied long! Matching stockings and garters are also included, and the garters are accentuated by the Blacklace charms.

Grab your limo to Blacklace  where you will find Frenchy in a multitude of colors, of which at least one, you’re sure to love. And as the French say, “Restez dans le lycée, de peur que vous imaginiez des anges dans des bigoudis te chantant”.

Well, maybe the French don’t say that exactly, but everything sounds better in French!


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