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Blacklace – Rizzo – TOSL

August 28, 2010

I would say TGIF but its Saturday and you know what that means, right!?!

Yes, Blacklace has a new offering out for TOSL and this week it’s a limited edition of Rizzo!

This great set starts with a black satin corset, with an inset of  black lace. Added to that are sexy seamed stockings held up with garters adorned with adorable Blacklace charms. The bustline is trimmed in black lace as well as the bottom..literally. The delicious panties are also trimmed in black lace.

Oh, but for this limited edition, Rizzo has something new included…a black feather boa!  Just think of the fun that you can have with that!

Wanna know something else? You get all this for just little for such a big taste..

Your taxi to Blacklace

Please note that the TOSL limited edition is not gift card enabled and is copy/mod, not transfer.


Blacklace – Aealla

August 22, 2010

Blacklace presents Aealla, a new corset set that will make your eyes widen as you study the detail.  If I had to guess, I’d bet you just flicked your tongue over your barely parted lips. 

Was it in anticipation? Did it bring to mind days of the tease…you know the one. The one that fans the flames of fire deep in the belly, that can only be extinguished one way when there’s no turning back.

Did it remind you of the nights of passion, fueled by pure animal lust? Maybe a night that the need reached a fervor that drove you to a wantonness you’d never experienced before?

This is Blacklace’s Aealla. It’s what she does for you.

Aealla contains the laced fishnet corset, garter with bows and charms, flirty ruffled skirt, 2 kinds of panties, stockings and gloves. This set also contains the jewelry and the boots! The  clothing comes on multiple layers so you can wear it the way that you want and objects are mod. The boots and jewelry are resize scripted.

Grab a taxi to Blacklace for Aealla today.


Blacklace – Charm Boots

August 22, 2010

What better way to spice up all of your sweet and sexy lingerie than to add a pair of smokin’  hot boots?

Uh huh, I thought so..there isn’t a better way, and since nobody does smokin’ hot better,  Blacklace has the answer. 

Blacklace introduces Charm Boots, a new line in Blacklace goodness!

Wearing  boots has a way of taking soft and sweet and turning up the heat a notch or two. Add them to already sizzling and suddenly you have an inferno!

The boots are sleek and sexy and  the zipper is adorned with star charms that dangle from tiny chains. That’s right! That makes you a star! They also comes with an alpha layer so you can use it with 2.0, and a resize script which can of course be deleted (please make a back up first).

Grab a taxi to Blacklace and be Charmed with the new line of boots!


Blacklace – Hook

August 22, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I’m Hooked…and I don’t want to be free.

Blacklace presents Hook, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Hook has attitude written all over it, from head to toe…literally. This ZOMG set includes the jewelry and boots!

This fishnet outfit titillates at every turn from the barely tied top over pasties that you KNOW wont stay put long to the garter and fishnet stockings…and did I mention the leather boots?

Each set comes with a fishnet top, 2 kinds of panties, one of which is crotchless. Also pasties, a garter and stockings and oh yeah..the jewelry and boots are included. The clothing comes on tons of layers, objects are mod and the boots and jewelry are resize scripted.

The possibilities are endless, and I don’t know about you but I intend to check out every single one, very slowly…

Grab your taxi to Blacklace and get Hooked!


Blacklace – Promise – LOW

August 21, 2010

Blacklace has a new item out this week for LOW, and it’s Promise in a limited edition shade of blue!

Promise with its’ rich lace design comes on multiple layers so you can wear it your way and includes thong panties, satin stockings, oh-so-cute bows that adorn the garter and a flirty ruffled skirt.

This set will inspire a lot of promises to be made in the heat of the moment, and  this sweetly wicked set will help you and your partner make good on every one of them, I Promise!

Taxi to Blacklace

*Please note that the LOW limited edition is not gift card enabled and is copy/mod, not transfer.


Blacklace – Frenchy – TOSL

August 20, 2010

Want a taste?

Blacklace has a new offering for Taste of Second Life this Saturday and Sunday and its Frenchy in a limited edition shade!

This limited edition comes in a lovely mellon shade and includes a bra and waist cincher, both with a sheer panel of black lace. The delectable panties are trimmed in the same lace. Frenchy is just as hot going as it is coming, with a back trimmed in black lace, and lacing tied off with a bow that you just know wont stay tied long! Matching stockings and garters are also included, and the garters are accentuated by the Blacklace charms.

Also, for the TOSL you can have all this smexyness for 100L!

Can you say Ooo la la!

Please note that the TOSL limited edition is not gift card enabled and is copy/mod, not transfer.


Blacklace – Iconically Sexy Hunt Gift

August 20, 2010

Baby, oh BABY!

Well, Sienna from Blacklace in pink that is.

Such a sweet shade of baby pink brings to mind the old adage, “sugar and spice and everything nice”, doesn’t it? 

 Did you ever wonder what happened to that sweet lil’ baby when she grows up? She’s hot and sexy and she’s flaunting it all in the Blacklace Sienna corset set – just that ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’ takes on a whole new meaning *wink*

You can find the Sienna corset set at Blacklace at the Iconically Sexy Shopping District only during the Summer Hunt 2010..and yes that means it’s totally free but you gotta go look for it!