Blacklace – Sandy – Unicef Limited Edition

September 4, 2010

Blacklace presents a limited edition of Sandy, and 50 percent of all proceeds will go to the Unicef project. 

This sweet set, with its nod to the 50′s and understated elegance consists of a satin cincher and bra that are embellished with floral lace. The cincher sports a demure ruffled skirt. The back is laced, and tied off with a bow.  Matching stockings and garters are also included.

The original Blacklace’s Sandy whispered of the sensuality that lay underneath the surface, like the soft words of a lover in the middle of the night.

This set though, it’s a bit edgier;  maybe sweet, innocent Sandy isn’t so innocent anymore?  The black satin and red lace refuses to whisper or be demure. It’s more demanding and will let you partner know just what you want..and how.

Grab your limo to Blacklace  where you will find Sandy all grown up, and don’t forget..50 percent of the proceeds go to Unicef, so it’s a great cause!


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