Alphamale – Classic Leather Jackets

September 22, 2010

Fall is in the air, and soon the leaves will be changing, and drifting to the ground in a rain of color.   A chill will settle in, and you will feel the need to light a fire when you settle in for the night, and reach for a jacket when you go out. Alphamale has the absolute perfect jacket for those times, the new Classic Leather Jacket!

The Alphamale Classic Leather Jacket  is a perfect complement to any look you want to rock for the day or night, be it jeans and your favorite tee or even dress pants with a polo shirt.  

The Classic Leather Jacket is going to be one of your favorite go-to wardrobe staples because no matter what you wear it with, you’re going to look hot – even on the coolest of days! 

The Alphamale Classic Leather Jacket comes in a multitude of colors to match anything you might have in your closet, and comes with mod prims (both regular and resize scripted) and is transfer for gift giving, no copy.

Grab this taxi to Alphamale and get there fast as you can cause this jacket is just too hot to pass up!


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