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Blacklace – Carnal Sin – TOSL

October 16, 2010

Blacklace is offering a new limited edition set of Carnal Sin for this week’s TOSL.

This sexy bra and panties set consists of a bra, panties, stockings and gloves and accentuates all the right parts in all the right places! The panties and bra come in orange satin and are decorated in a floral pattern that is just in time for fall.

Only on sale for this weekend, you can find this sinful set for just 100L.

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Lil’Lace – Vampi

October 14, 2010

Lil’Lace has a new design out, and its for the Vampi in you!

No vamp has ever looked more seductive!

This sheer bodysuit trimmed in red and sporting a flirtatious skirt is just the beginning when it comes to this offering. The set also includes fangs, and make-up on a tattoo layer.

Vampie is sure to entice your partner into wanting a lil’ taste, and that’s always a good thing, anytime of year, especially since Vampi isn’t just for Halloween and will be available year round for your matter what that pleasure might be.

You can find Vampi at the Lil’Lace store located inside Alphamale and Blacklace, and also at the Blacklace Halloween section.

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Blacklace – Tease – LOW

October 14, 2010

Blacklace presents Tease for this weeks LOW offering.

A charming bra and panty set celebrates the cooler weather with a Tease of mesh material embellished with fall leaves.

This set includes a bra, bound to enhance  your cleavage with its classic lines. Also included is boy shorts, always sexy, always playful and ALWAYS providing an eye-popping rear view. Additionally, both pieces are on multiple layers for your convenience.

Wanna hear the best thing?  You can get this hot set for the cool price of 59L!

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Blacklace – Sexy Little Gift

October 14, 2010

Last but not least in the new Collection, Mariska Simons has something special just for you…

The Sexy Little Gift!

This flirty little babydoll is full of hawtness and will have you ready for those midnight romps, be it playing with your besties at the slumber party, snuggling up with a good book or cuddling with your partner.

The set comes with the orange satin top, trimmed in black lace, with matching panties. Also included are two different length black lace babydoll tops for versatility!

Run to Blacklace for your free Sexy Little Gift and while you’re there grab all the newness for fall!

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Blacklace – Jade – Limited Edition

October 12, 2010

Jade, exquisite in its seductiveness, has been recreated as a limited edition for the Fall/Halloween Collection.

This corset set in orange and black embroidery will hug your skin, and its soft sensuality can’t help but to invite soft lips to explore each of your curves.

This set includes a bra, waist cincher, gloves and panties.  In additionally there are garters and stockings along with Blacklace charms that adorn the bra and garters.

Beguile your partner at the bewitching hour, and remember that the spell they are under is that of you in Jade.

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Blacklace – Hallows Eve

October 12, 2010

Hallows  Eve

On Hallows Eve the moon shines bright in the sky, as the ghouls and ghosts play among us, and on this night anything can happen…and will.

It includes an orange and black satin underbra, black spider web pasties with a black cincher, orange satin panties, stockings and garter, and a witch’s hat.

Additionally, Aluinn has created Avalon, matching onyx and silver jewelry for  Hallows Eve. Included is a three tier necklace, matching bracelets and earrings. Avalon isnt included but can be purchased separately.

This time of year, the draw to the darkness is almost irresistable…but do you truly want to resist Hallows Eve?

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Blacklace – Kitten

October 12, 2010

Rawwr! Blacklace presents Kitten…and what a pretty lil’  kittty!

Oh my, how playful she is in a black leather corset trimmed in pink, and just look at those adorable ears and the perky tail with that cute bow!

Kitten also includes panties and pasties, kittty paws and leather gloves, a collar with a bell, and just so she can’t go to far the bows on the garters are belled as well. The tail and ears come in both black and pink and black for versatility.

Talk about a well dressed kitten and how happy she will be to be dressed so puurrrty! You know, when kitties are happy they love to show their gratitude and they can be so very..frisky.

Make your kitty happy with Blacklace Kitten and don’t forget, stroke her just right and she will purrr for you!

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