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Blacklace – Models Choice Holiday Sale

November 26, 2010

Santa snuck in and marked some Blacklace sets to half price just for this weekend ONLY!

A few of the Blacklace Models picked one of their favorites and YOU get it for half price! Cool, huh!?!  ‘

This is a great time to pick up some sexy stuffs for a partner, friend or yourself as five sets have been marked down. You can find them in the holiday section. ‘

Some of them are limited editions which means they have been brought back out and who knows if you will see them again, or how long it might be.

Grab a taxi to Blacklace and take advantage of the Models Choice sale and get awesome lingerie for 50 percent off!


Blacklace Press Release

November 26, 2010

Mariska Simons, the designer behind Blacklace Lingerie, is excited to announce a partnership with Tamar Rexen (inSL) the exclusive distributor of beautiful corsets made in real life by Vollers, The Corset Company, established in 1899.  Mariska will be recreating a small, exclusive line of corsets that you will also be able to buy in real life!  Not only that, but Blacklace customers who buy these products in Second Life will receive a code for a $25.00 discount on ANY corset from

Mariska has always taken care of her customers, with gifts and her stance on providing excellent customer service, and has insured that her beloved family of Blacklace customers will receive a generous discount! 
Tamar Rexen (inSL), owner of A Beautiful Corset, and exclusive distributor of the authentic corset by Vollers The Corset Company said “We are excited to partner with Blacklace in Second Life to create the first Vollers virtual corset product.  We will be introducing half a dozen corsets over the holiday season and Blacklace customers who purchase the items in Second Life will receive a code with each product, to receive a $25.00 discount off their first Vollers corset product from all through the holiday season”.
Mariska Simons CEO
Gemini Galatea CMO


Blacklace – Stunning by Vollers

November 26, 2010

As promised by the Blacklace press release earlier,  the first corset in our ‘Intimates Holiday Collection is Stunning by Vollers.

Stunning is just that- stunning. The luxury of red satin, with a black lace overlay will take your breath with its classic elegance. The set is completed by black satin panties and sheer thigh high stockings with a lace band. This set is rich with detail, and we know you expect nothing less than that from Blacklace, and Mariska Simons delivers beautifully.

Each piece comes in multiple layers (except the stockings) for your convenience.

Stunning is at the store now, and along with the Blacklace set, you will get a code to receive $25.00 off the set at, so you can be stunning in both worlds!

Taxi to Blacklace and Stunning by Vollers


Blacklace – Poinsettia

November 26, 2010

The North Pole Annex is open at Blacklace and Santa hasn’t wasted any time at all!

Blacklace presents Poinsettia, and it comes in both red and white!  Delicate petals adorn the bra, cincher, and panties. The same velvet-to-the-touch petals along the band of the thigh high stockings will encourage the gentle tracing of fingertips along the skin, caressing each flower in turn.

Poinsettia comes with a bra, cincher, panties, garter and stockings – all on different layers and in different combinations, all to give you the versatility you have come to expect from Blacklace!

With Blacklace’s Poinsettia you wont need anything else to heat up those cold nights after days of shopping in freezing temperatures, so go out in comfort knowing that the home fires will be burning one way or another!

Taxi to Blacklace and Poinsettia, a Limited Edition Holiday offering.

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Alphamale – Classic Jeans

November 25, 2010

Alphamale has even more colors in  the new Classic Jeans!

These jeans are loaded with goodies!

First, you get two pairs in each purchase; regular and low-rise and each pair comes with its own belt, so that’s a total of two pairs of jeans and two belts! for one hot price!

As for the detail that’s been put into these jeans? It’s impossible not to notice the perfect leg prims, the realistic wear pattern and the excellent shading throughout.

We’ve covered  value and quality, but there’s one detail that hasn’t been covered. Yeah..the hotness factor. Do you think Alphamale would let you go out without bein smokin’ hot? Of course not! Alphamale Classic Jeans will give you a definite worship worthy rear and the ladies will be able to confirm that…gladly!

Alphamale Taxi to the hottest new jeans around – Alphamale Classic Jeans !


Alphamale – Jacket and Jeans Set

November 24, 2010

Alphamale has tons of new stuffs this week for the guys!

First there was the Classic Jeans and now there’s brand new sets for when you’re in a hurry and just don’t have time to search through your closet for that perfect look.

It’s that time of year and maybe you’re needing a gift for a special guy and wanting to get something already matched up that you KNOW he will love and where better to go than Alphamale?

No matter what the reason,Alphamale has done the work for you!

The first set comes with new Classic Jeans in both regular and high rise, both belts, a black tee and mocca brown leather jacket.

This set comes with Classic Jeans and snake-skin belt, in both regular and low rise, a gray tee and ebony leather jacket.

Yeah, sexy to the core…there wont  be any doubt and if there is just check with the ladies that will be checking you out!

Alphamale Taxi to new matched sets!


Alphamale – More Classic Jeans

November 24, 2010

Alphamale has even more new Classic Jeans and they come in different colors!

You will find the jeans come loaded with so many details and options that its hard to know where to start.

First, you get two pairs in each purchase; regular and low rise. That alone is amazing, but we are just getting started! Each set comes with two belts, regular waist and low rise and both will fit your shape perfectly.

Each of the six different shades of denim is matched with a different belt. Of course, you can purchase each separately, and trust me…you will want all of them!

As for the detail that’s been put into these jeans, it’s impossible not to notice the perfect leg prims, the realistic wear pattern and the excellent shading throughout.

Maybe the most important thing? Alphamale Classic Jeans give you a definite worship worthy rear and who wont like that!

Alphamale Taxi to the hottest new jeans around – Alphamale Classic Jeans !