Alphamale -Unisex Autumn Scarves

November 8, 2010

Alphamale has released something new  – autumn scarves and they are unisex!

Scarves are not only functional but are always a classy and sexy accessory. These are no exception and come in a ton of colors and textures so theres bound to be one to match all of those warm snuggly sweaters, and the cool leather jackets that are making their way into your wardrobe.

Dont like to wear sweaters or jackets? Well, there are other uses for scarves…think of blindfolds, or well… Oh, and theres always wearing a discreetly draped scarf  and greeting your partner … while wearing ONLY the scarf! Definitely another way to keep the home fires burning on a cool autumn night!

The Alphamale Unisex Scarves are modify (via script), no copy and transfer ..so you know what that means dont you? You COULD  raid your partners closet, except for one small detail. These scarves are must haves so you will each need your own!

Grab a taxi to Alphamale and stock up on the goods today!


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