Alphamale – Classic Jeans

November 21, 2010

Alphamale presents their brand new Classic Jeans and they ROCK!

Jeans so rich in detail that its hard to know where to start. It’s impossible not to notice the perfect leg prims, the realistic wear pattern and the excellent shading throughout.

Also, did I mention that with each color you get two pairs of jeans, both regular and low-rise?

Alphamale Classic Jeans also come with a  belt, that will fit your shape perfectly because you will get two ..one regular and one low rise. Each of the six different shades of denim is matched with a different belt. Of course, you can purchase each separately, and trust me…you will want all of them!

Oh and before I forget, there is one other detail about these jeans that you just cant miss.

*Motions for you to move in closer*

From the back, you will definitely look way hot …oh yeah! Guaranteed to have the ladies checkin’ you out, and who knows…

Alphamale Taxi to the hottest new jeans around – Alphamale Classic Jeans with included Sculpted Brown Belt.


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