Blacklace Press Release

November 26, 2010

Mariska Simons, the designer behind Blacklace Lingerie, is excited to announce a partnership with Tamar Rexen (inSL) the exclusive distributor of beautiful corsets made in real life by Vollers, The Corset Company, established in 1899.  Mariska will be recreating a small, exclusive line of corsets that you will also be able to buy in real life!  Not only that, but Blacklace customers who buy these products in Second Life will receive a code for a $25.00 discount on ANY corset from www.abeautifulcorset.com.

Mariska has always taken care of her customers, with gifts and her stance on providing excellent customer service, and has insured that her beloved family of Blacklace customers will receive a generous discount! 
Tamar Rexen (inSL), owner of A Beautiful Corset, and exclusive distributor of the authentic corset by Vollers The Corset Company said “We are excited to partner with Blacklace in Second Life to create the first Vollers virtual corset product.  We will be introducing half a dozen corsets over the holiday season and Blacklace customers who purchase the items in Second Life will receive a code with each product, to receive a $25.00 discount off their first Vollers corset product from www.abeautifulcorset.com all through the holiday season”.
Mariska Simons CEO
Gemini Galatea CMO


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