Blacklace – Salacious by Vollers

December 4, 2010

Blacklace presents a new release in the ‘Intimates Holiday Collection, Salacious by Vollers, the Corset Company.

Salacious is defined as being characterized by lust: suggestive, voluptuous, wanton…all the things that a sensual woman exhibits in her demeanor in all she does.

It’s the smile during the day, with the subtle glance through fluttering lashes, it’s the  turn of  a leg or the brush of fingers through her mane of hair. It’s the nights that simmer with the promise of heat, the slow rise of passion with the intimacy of soft whispers and not so gentle touches.

Salacious is a satin corset that accentuates a woman’s curves, inviting soft kisses along the shoulders, along with exploration of her waist, and the appreciation of the gentle swell of her rear. The lacing in the back is designed to be toyed with, a tease..yes.

Black lacy trim adorns the laced corset, and the cuffs of the opera gloves. The set also includes stockings, panties and a garter on tons of layers so you can wear it the way you want. Salacious is also transfer so that your partner can gift you with it..and get the welcome that you will offer him in return for it that much faster.

This corset is a must have for any Blacklace woman…ask your partner…I’m sure they will agree quite eagerly.

Taxi to Blacklace for Salacious


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