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Blacklace – Spring Fling

April 30, 2011

The cold gray days of winter have passed, and tender young buds are peeking from their hiding places and ready to blossom. The sun is shining, the air is sweet and finally…spring is here!

With that, Blacklace presents Spring Fling, a delicate floral bra and panty set.

The set consists of a multi-colored floral bra with a dainty scalloped edge in lickable sherbet colors.  Also included are both sheer panties and garter embellished with matching floral insets and of course,  matching stockings.

With Spring Fling, you will be nature’s playground, and your body will be covered in delicate petals that are soft to the touch and luscious to inhale. Drink in the new life and be free of the bonds of winter. It’s time to celebrate and there is no better way than to bask in the femininity of Spring Fling. 

Limo to Blacklace  to welcome spring!


Lil’Lace – Rawrin Undies Set

April 30, 2011

Ooo la la! Lil’Lace has released the  Rawrin Undies set and it’s beyond adorable!

It’s a perfect match for the Rawrin Dress, and so hot you wont want to cover it up. The bra top is finished with a comfy knit and oh so comfortable. The cute multi-striped panties are trimmed in lace and just beg to be tugged but whether it’s up or down is entirely up to you!

Rawrin Undies Set is great for lounging, maybe curled up and listening to music while reading a book and just enjoying some you time. This set is equally perfect for when you’re not alone and it’s time to play!

Grab a taxi to Lil’Lace and grab your favorite color in the Rawrin Undies Set and get ready to purrrr.

Grab this taxi to Lil’Lace


Lil’Lace – Rawrin Dress

April 30, 2011


LiL’Lace has a new release, Rawrin Dress, and it’s going to make you purrr!

Everybody loves a tiny minidress in warm weather but the Rawrin Dress takes it from sexy to smokin’ hot. This dress will fit your body like a glove and show off all your best parts. You will exude that cool crisp confidence that is so alluring and make you feel like the woman you are.

The material is a soft knit that will caress your skin with every movement, and it will take you from spring through the hottest days of summer with no problem.

Just one word of warning…Lil’Lace isnt responsible as to what happens if Rawrin gets wet!

Grab this taxi to Lil’Lace for Rawrin in either black or white..or both!


Lil’Lace – Sparkle

April 27, 2011

Lil’Lace has a new release, Sparkle, and well…you’ll sparkle!

Sparkle is a sexy bodysuit that will add versatility and pizazz to your wardrobe.

Add a sexy miniskirt or a great pair of leggings. How about a pair of shredded jeans, a cropped leather jacket and boots? Want to go more formal? That’s perfect too! Just add a long skirt or maybe a short feather skirt and you’re ready to rock!

In the mood to be daring? Perfect! Maybe a pair of sky-high stiletto boots with a couture jacket and jewelry.

The choice is yours. Explore and stretch your creativity with Sparkle in lots of vibrant colors and in a multitude of  possibilities!

 Taxi to Lil’Lace


Lil’Lace – Button Up

April 27, 2011

Lil’lace has a new release and you will be all Buttoned Up!

This body hugging jacket highlights soft curves and cleavage while the glitter tank underneath offers only the smallest amount of modesty. The jacket buttons up, with gentle gathers down the front. This versatile set also includes leather pants with a chain belt, so both pieces mix and match with lots of pieces of your wardrobe so  the only limit is your creativity.

Button Up comes on multiple layers and is transfer.

Perfect for days in or nights out, so you don’t need to worry about cool spring nights, cause you’ll be sexy hot in Button Up!

Taxi to Lil’lace


Blacklace – Guinevere – TOSL

April 24, 2011

Blacklace has a shiny new dress out for the TOSL presentation this week and it’s a good thing  spring is still in the air because this is a hot one.

This sequin minidress will turn heads no matter where you go or what you are doing.

The set comes with a pink sequined corset and panties as well as stockings.  There is also an asymmetrical skirt included that figures into some interesting scenarios. For instance, you have company.  The air is thick with romance and as the heat rises, the skirt drops …leaving the pink sequin corset and panties.

Extra layers to take off is always good, right?

Taxi to Blacklace for Guinevere.


Blacklace – Enticement – LOW

April 24, 2011

Enticement …Blacklace certainly knows how to do that! Lucky for us, there is a Limited Edition version  of Enticement for this weeks LOW offer.

It’s not subtle, or demure. It doesn’t pretend. It is meant to entice and it does just that.  

A smexy satin push up bra trimmed in floral black lace.  That alone is hard to resist, but there’s so much more. The sheer cincher and garter is embellished with blue floral satin that almost demands to be traced by searching fingertips. The set also comes with panties, gloves and stockings but yet there’s still more. The limited edition set comes with an underbra which you might have noticed is quite *cough* bare. For those times when you’re feeling…oh say a tad shy or want to thr0w in a bit more tease, star pasties are also included!

Grab this taxi to Blacklace because you truly don’t want to miss this chance to see  the meaning of the word “entice” reflected in your partners eyes when they see you in Enticement.


Blacklace – Gaia – TOSL

April 17, 2011

Blacklace presents Gaia for this weeks TOSL!

Gaia is a rich brown floral panty and bra set, both demure and sensual all at the same time. The bra and garter whispers of sheerness,  and tiny pink flowers trail bashfully along the satin material.

Gaia includes a bra, panties, garter and stockings …all on different layers for your convenience.

This set is a must have in your wardrobe, perfect for day or night …alone or not,  so hurry and get a taste of Blacklace at it’s best!

Taxi to Blacklace


Blacklace – Elegance – LOW

April 17, 2011

This week Blacklace is offering Elegance for LOW.

Actually that’s not unusual because Blacklace always exudes elegance, but this time it comes in a sexy black and white panty and bra set.

Elegance includes the white satin panty and bra trimmed with black lace…and on different layers, including tattoo. Also included are lace trimmed thigh high stockings that you can wear with anything!

Perfect to wear under everything from jeans and a sweater to your slinkiest gown because feeling feminine and sensual shouldnt be an option…and with Blacklace it isn’t, it’s a promise!

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Blacklace – Diamond – TOSL

April 10, 2011

Marilyn Monroe had it right when she sang about expensive jewels…and a beautiful Diamond is the subject of Blacklace’s TOSL set this week.

While this Diamond may not be presented by a suitor on bended knee, you can believe it will bring them to their knees in a different..but good way.

Diamond consists of a black satin and Diamond sequined corset that will shine like a bursting rainbow, garters and stockings and panties that well…jaws will drop!

This set is transfer and comes on tons of layers! Diamonds are indeed a girls best friend…and Blacklace has proved it!

Taxi to Blacklace