Blacklace – Enticement – LOW

April 24, 2011

Enticement …Blacklace certainly knows how to do that! Lucky for us, there is a Limited Edition version  of Enticement for this weeks LOW offer.

It’s not subtle, or demure. It doesn’t pretend. It is meant to entice and it does just that.  

A smexy satin push up bra trimmed in floral black lace.  That alone is hard to resist, but there’s so much more. The sheer cincher and garter is embellished with blue floral satin that almost demands to be traced by searching fingertips. The set also comes with panties, gloves and stockings but yet there’s still more. The limited edition set comes with an underbra which you might have noticed is quite *cough* bare. For those times when you’re feeling…oh say a tad shy or want to thr0w in a bit more tease, star pasties are also included!

Grab this taxi to Blacklace because you truly don’t want to miss this chance to see  the meaning of the word “entice” reflected in your partners eyes when they see you in Enticement.


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