Blacklace – Rose

May 1, 2011

Blacklace has a new release in Rose!

Hearts and roses, the epitome of romance and weddings. Add pristine white to signify the innocence of a blushing bride and you have Rose.

Demure, coy and bashful…

What? What do you mean that’s not  right, just look at..ohh my! Well, Rose certainly doesn’t look very retiring!

Actually the word seductress comes to mind!

This set includes a white and red satin cupless bra. Why is it cupless you ask? Well, that’s to show off the red heart pasties! Add the panties with the roses “right there”, the white garter and seamed stockings, long white gloves and the word timid isn’t the word that comes to mind. Add the back veil with the attached roses, some white or red stilettos and your partners jaw will drop.

Not getting married, but just want to shake things up a bit..still perfect! Your partner wont know where to start first, but you can help  them with that…right? I knew you could, cause you’re a Blacklace woman!

Limo to Blacklace and Rose


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