Blacklace – Tantalizing

May 28, 2011

Today, Blacklace is holding class and it’s time to study so pay attention!

The word tantalizing is defined as having or exhibiting something that provokes or arouses expectation, interest, or desire.

Now let’s compare that to Blacklace’s new release, Tantalizing.

Blacklace’s bra and panty set Tantalizing arouses desire and will pique interest with its playful polka dots that dance over a ribbon and bow adorned bra and the barely there panties. A peekaboo cut out in the panties is highlighted by a bow, and I think exhibit covers ‘something that provokes expectations’  …or rather doesn’t cover as the case may be.

So today boys and girls we have learned the meaning of the word ‘tantalizing’ and if you should forget, just grab this Taxi to Blacklace and get tantalizing in one of your favorite colors!

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