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LOW from Blacklace for 4th July

June 30, 2011

This week’s LOW release from Blacklace is the Salacious Corset for Vollers the Corset Company in red, plus a pair of cheeky red, white and blue panties.  Also included are a pair of white capris with prim cuffs.  Perfect for summer. Get it for 99L until MONDAY ONLY when it will be taken down.

Taxi to Blacklace


Blacklace Model Contest Results!

June 28, 2011

After a very tough week of viewing pics of some of the most luscious ladies of Second Life, and another week of interviews with all of the wonderful finalists, we are pleased to announce the results of the Blacklace Model Contest!

1st Place


2nd Place



3rd place

Congratulations, Ladies!!!


Blacklace – Aphrodite – LOW

June 25, 2011

For this weeks LOW set, Blacklace gives us Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty in a limited edition color of yellow.

In Aphrodite, you will look like the Goddess you are, the perfect combination of grace and allure.

Aphrodite’s bodice is embellished with lace, and  the optional ruffle on the bra allows for a bit of peek-a-boo, and is a reminder this angelic look  is indeed a naughty one. This set includes a skirt that is swagged with a lace overlay, or for versatility you can wear the lacy corset bottom. Also included are stockings with a garter adorned with a sweet bows, as  is the corset and accompanying necklace.

Grab a Taxi to Blacklace to find your inner goddess!


Blacklace – Sublime: Starry Night – TOSL

June 25, 2011

This is one of those times that a taste just isn’t enough, but then again we know Mariska Simons at Blacklace is an artist when it comes to teasing!

The weeks TOSL set is totally Sublime…and yes I mean that literally. This gorgeous set includes the Sublime black velvet corset layers and high-waisted panties that have been paired with the divine Sophie skirt in a multitude of flouncy, flirty layers.

There will be no doubt you mean business, either on the dance floor or at home flirting with your partner cause it’s just as sexy with the skirt or when that skirt decorates the bedroom floor later!

Grab a taxi to Blacklace for Sublime: Starry Night  and see what kind of stars you see!


Alphamale – V-Neck Sweater Set

June 24, 2011

Alphamale has some newness out for you guys!

No matter the season, the classics are always in style and Alphamale’s V-Neck Sweater sets are certainly no exception.

This handsome set includes a V-Neck sweater and jeans with both the high and low-rise versions! The tie is integrated with the shirt collar, and the shirt cuffs are also included for a finished look.

Please note that this set does not include a stand alone white shirt.

When you need to look your best, and the time is always right to look good …you can’t go wrong with jeans and the new V-Neck Sweaters! No matter whether you’re at work wanting to impress the boss or at play with the ladies you’ll win with Alphamale .

Grab a taxi to Alphamale to pick up the new V-Neck Sweater Sets that are totally packed with goodies for you!


Final Six of the Blacklace Model Contest 2011

June 22, 2011

I am very pleased to announce the final six contestants in the 2011 Blacklace Model Contest.

These six girls will be invited to a personal interview over the next few days, after which the winner will be announced.

The final six are:

Bekah Kawanishi

Boo Eberhardt

Lybra Rage

Mastersgirl Idlemind

Rissa Cannoli

Shayla Roxley

Congratulations girls, we had 235 entries this year, a fantastic amount. Thank you to everyone that entered, you’re all amazing !

Mariska Simons


Blacklace – Harlot

June 18, 2011

Harlot in Blacklace

As you come out of the bar, the moon rises over the dark street, casting an ominous shadow. You see her, actually you’ve seen her several times before and you’ve always been curious.

She leans casually against the street light talking with a man as moths dance erratically, the sheer number casting shadows over her face as he tries to win her favor.

You watch, studying her, the way she moves and the way she looks. What is it about her? Yes, there is an air of confidence that you wouldn’t expect from a girl of her status in life. Then also, there is the way she is dressed. Always in lingerie, beautiful lingerie at that and today is no different.

Tonight she has on a black bra trimmed in pink and black panties. She is wearing a garter belt and stockings with bows and stars on the garters. The bra, panties and garter belt have sheer insets with black polka dots that only draw attention to to the soft skin that lies beneath.

One thing is certain, what she is wearing is new and yes – it’s definitely from Blacklace.

Walking closer, you can see her take the fur coat with an air of indifference and as she turns to his car, you see her face clearly for the first time. Her gaze meets yours and in that instant you know…

She is a Harlot, and you have to have her.

Harlot also comes with two versions of black pearls, and each set comes on a multitude of layers and is transferable.

Grab this Taxi to Blacklace to find Harlot in one of your favorite colors.