Blacklace – Harlot

June 18, 2011

Harlot in Blacklace

As you come out of the bar, the moon rises over the dark street, casting an ominous shadow. You see her, actually you’ve seen her several times before and you’ve always been curious.

She leans casually against the street light talking with a man as moths dance erratically, the sheer number casting shadows over her face as he tries to win her favor.

You watch, studying her, the way she moves and the way she looks. What is it about her? Yes, there is an air of confidence that you wouldn’t expect from a girl of her status in life. Then also, there is the way she is dressed. Always in lingerie, beautiful lingerie at that and today is no different.

Tonight she has on a black bra trimmed in pink and black panties. She is wearing a garter belt and stockings with bows and stars on the garters. The bra, panties and garter belt have sheer insets with black polka dots that only draw attention to to the soft skin that lies beneath.

One thing is certain, what she is wearing is new and yes – it’s definitely from Blacklace.

Walking closer, you can see her take the fur coat with an air of indifference and as she turns to his car, you see her face clearly for the first time. Her gaze meets yours and in that instant you know…

She is a Harlot, and you have to have her.

Harlot also comes with two versions of black pearls, and each set comes on a multitude of layers and is transferable.

Grab this Taxi to Blacklace to find Harlot in one of your favorite colors.


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